Draconia is a planet in the center of sector 3, and homeworld of the Lizzay .

It is the only planet of its solar system and is up to debate if it is one of the biggest planets or the biggest.


Draconia is in interensting planet that is has multiple eco systems, more then earth and they can lay next to each other in strange ways, swamp nect to vulcanic area's for example..

Draconia is a planet that aside some settlements is pure natural with a lot of different eco systems.

interesting enough most of these eco systems are close together or even right next to each other changing from jungle to swamp with the difference of one step, however this has giving birth to some strange and dangerous weather patterns and other issues as a mountain that is struck by lightning on a basis so regular you might say it is always raining thunder, yet it only rains (real rain) once a week

The planet has oceans, lakes, rivers and more in large amounds, yet it seem to have more landmass.

This planet is one of the largest in the galaxy with 3 moons.

Planet contantEdit

The planet's has no towns, but a couple of human settlements where some Lizzay (now evoled to Civilians) live together with humans, but there are also a few human labs for exploring the planets mysteries and following the Lizzay's high evolution rate.

the oceans of this world and most of its land (75%) are still not explored and may hold a lot of secrets, unknown animals and who knows? there are rumors about having seen some ruins but the area is always covered in mist so it is unknown if this is true and impossible to see an area to get there.

(see also: Gremory and Ainant for a possible reason for their ruins)

The planet has a large amount of plants, and most look a lot like plants from earth, some are even just plants from earth, an other mystery for the scientists.

Just Like the plants, the planet has a large amount of animals, about 50% seem to be the same animals that are on earth, mostly of these are the reptilic animals, but there are also animals that are not known, some have been found on other planets trough, but there are some that are unique to having evoled to the planets eco systems and large size

for a list of animals see: creature page (Draconia: animals and plants )

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