Dracha han (meaning demon’s heart in Til’hal) is a type of pepper (or technically a species that incidentally resembles Earth’s peppers) that is recognized as being the spiciest natural product in the galaxy. They are difficult to grow, requiring a thoroughly controlled environment, and are thus rare and expensive. Only specialists tend to grow them. They are sold either whole or processed all across the galaxy (though usually only in specialty stores), with one of the biggest buyers being the Inorr.

A dracha han looks like a round, heavily wrinkled, dark red pepper slightly bigger than a ping pong ball. When sold whole, it usually has a green stem attached. It scores 8000000 points on the Scoville heat scale, making it the hottest known pepper in the galaxy. Races who are fond of spicy food tend to use it in gourmet foods. Below the spiciness, the pepper tastes rather sweet, similar to honey.

Some enthusiasts, especially among the Inorr, hold competitions in which they eat a whole unprocessed dracha han. Each player is then given access to foods that counteract the spiciness (usually milk), but they aren’t allows to eat them. Anyone who gives in and reaches for the milk, as well as anyone who throws up or passes out (it happens) is disqualified. Competitors try to outlast each other until only one is left, who is the winner. A second pepper may be eaten if more than one person is still standing once the effect works out, though this is very rare. Inorr consider these contests to be a great show of strength and masculinity.

Possibly as a result of these contest, it has recently become a trend among teenagers all across the galaxy to film themselves eating a whole dracha han. This has led to several of them being hospitalized and subsequently to the selling of unprocessed dracha han becoming illegal on certain planets.

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