Occurred in the year twentythree 196 gt. This is a series of brutal struggles referencing the revern race and it's conquest of a relatively large portion of the galaxy around Sector 42 but spreading to many other sectors in the area. The revern were notorious for killing off large numbers of civilians and military alike, razing entire planets to ash. Most of the battles in the early stages of the war were more like massacres than anything else. However, they were eventually stopped at UNT territory in Sector 52, but only after dealing a devestating blow to UNT forces in the region with the downfall of Zarzadon. Since then their borders have shrunk inwards but they still hold a very strong presence that could threaten entire alliances should they start the onslaught anew. As of now there are only smaller skirmishes as different forces around the galaxy push against them.

A UNT colony in sector 42 was almost completely wiped out, being a target in the year twentythree 210 gt in a series of battles lasting four years; four years longer than anyone thought possible. Only the cream of the crop of those engaged in combat managed to survive and guide a group of civilians to safety, a collection o their fourteen effected planets and people from elsewhere looking for shelter. Less than 500,000 civilians survived and 100 people who served in combat. Most of the civilians were children and some of the fighting force was not officially military, especially near the end of the battles. The refugees made it to sector 52 by the skin of their teeth and the combat survivors, which now numbered at 89 if the unofficial count is correct, went their separate ways. Some became mercenaries, generals, elite soldiers, retired, etc. They are known as the Dire Children or sometimes the Dire Heroes and often regarded as being the greatest fighters the galaxy has ever seen.

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