Name: Daniel Althor

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Race: Exendrian Human

Homeworld: Exendria

Position: Engineering Officer of the Exeralune

Personality: Daniel is constantly fascinated with technology as such he spends a lot of his free time simply tinkering, and finds the activity relaxing. Socially Daniel is not very active, while not a loner by any means unless specifically invited by someone he'd rather spend his off duty hours alone. Generally in high spirits, and usually an optimist in all but the most dire of situations. Daniel takes his work very seriously, often times checking over the same system multiple times before moving on.  

Appearance: Of course he has all the standard features of a Exendrian human, stands at the average height for one, he is caucasian as well. He has blue eyes, a broad nose with a slight downward slope. His hair is black and kept in a clean style, he has no real facial hair to speak of. For clothing he wears the standard uniform for an engineer. (Whatever it may look like.)


Single Tracked Mind: When Daniel devotes himself to a specific task, whether trivial in nature or of critical importance, there is very little that can pull his attention. This could be seen in both a positive or negative light, on one hand when something needs to be done it will undoubtedly be done, on the other Daniel may end up wasting his energy while more pressing issues wait.    
Starship Guru:  Daniel possess forefront knowledge on the latest advances in space faring technology. From fore to aft, Daniel is able to maintain and repair most ships down to the smallest bulkhead. Although he is more limited in computerized functions, while if needed he can maintain them but such jobs are better left to the Technology Officer and technicians.

Improvisation: One of his major strong suits, Daniel is excellent at improvising. What is some scrap metal to replace some of the most high-tech and complex components in the galaxy? His expertise in engineering is very useful when proper replacements are scarce, as a bonus attaching an arc welder to the end of a pole makes for great improvisation in combat situations.


Multitool: A simple standard, high-tech multitool that is appropriate for a huge range of simple tasks. Through the miracle of miniaturization the tool is about the size of a old earthling swiss army knife, but holds many more attachments than one. Such attachments are, a lighter, small welder, eleven blades of different sizes and edges, a flashlight, fine fiber duster, and atmospheric analyser. Combustible ones like the lighter all draw from the same built-in fuel tank and needs to be refilled after sometime. Electronic attachments draw from a long-lasting battery which holds enough charge for a few years give or take depending on useage. Any attachment can be removed and replaced with another, however the replacement has to be specially made for the multitool.

VAE Goggles: VAE stands for Virtually Assisted Engineering, they are meant to assist an engineer in his work. The main function is to provide a direct readout of whatever is directly connected with the goggles, this means important data can on hand during repair and maintenance. The goggles’ firmware does not allow for hacking or any other malicious activities, in order to interface with anything proper protocols will be followed, it would take a skilled technician to bypass it. The secondary function is to use x-rays (Or whatever type of ray, don’t know if x-rays work but seems simplest to use it.) to allow the user to see behind physical objects, like say steel plating. This function is very valuable as an engineer can use it to find any damage without having to strip off parts, saving time and materials.   

Biography: Daniel was born into a middle class family on Exendria, his mother worked as a nurse and his father was a mechanic at a local shipyard. Even from a young age Daniel was fascinated the numerous devices that was scattered across his environment, while his family was no means amazingly wealthy they were stuff able to afford some of the newest tech. His earliest entry into the world of engineering, was when at the age of six he disassembled a simple tablet device and was even able to piece it back together in working order. Growing up Daniel immersed himself in tech magazines, reference materials, and any other such readings. In his room the walls were absolutely covered in sketches some just for fun, while others were potentially future projects. Around the age of nineteen, after months of planning and research, plus the careful gathering of somewhat illegal materials, Daniel was finishing up his largest project up to that point in his life, a miniture-scale cold fusion reactor. Unfortunately the small reactor failed after just a minute, but that one minute was glorious. Despite the partially illegal construction this one project changed the course of Daniel’s life.

The reactor project gained him considerable recognition being so young, yet capable of the small feat on his own. Within the month he earned numerous scholarships, as well as an opportunity to attend one of the most exclusive engineering universities on Exendria, the Institute of Advanced Applied Aeronautics. The prospect was so staggering, the tuition alone was enough to buy a small planetoid, must less the requirements to even consider applying. Needless to say Daniel jump on the chance immediately. Nine years later Daniel graduated among the top 5% of his class, although after that he had no idea where to go. With his degree he would have been able to work anywhere for anyone, however in the end he decided to join the IGCP. Never in his life had he ever left his home planet, traveling across the galaxy seemed exciting. Now the present day, Daniel has been assigned as the chief engineering officer aboard the Exeralune. While somewhat disappointed about not being on some of newest ships in the IGCP fleet, Daniel was still looking forward to being able to work with a starship firsthand. However Daniel at the same time was apprehensive, feeling that his relatively young age would undermine his position as an officer, as well as his overall lack of real-world work experience.    

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