Cyrians are a humanoid race that is able to change their outside appearance to their liking and distant family of the Evans.

They are often seen as a warrior race due to the instinct driving them to challenge those they see as powerful.

(history is unknown and thus WIP but everything else should be canon and thus useable fully)

Appearance and biology Edit

Due to their ability to change their outside appearance, it is hard to explain their outer physiology, however they are naturally born with a birth defect which can be anything, such as alligator scales on the individuals back, an extra set of arms, a tail or eyes in the back of the neck.

Their natural skin color is gender based, pink for females and blue for males, further various greatly.

They have a Bi-polar blood circulation system (two hearts) and their blood is bright pink (females) or sky blue (males) no matter what they change about themselves.

It is unknown why but for some reason: Cyrians have great difficulty understanding recorded audio voices.

Birth and aging: Edit

When a Cyrian is born, they will be born as shapeless blobs, pretty much oozing from their mothers womb and start to solidify in a day time, the blob will be in the same color as their blood, meaning bright pink for girls and sky blue for boys.

Once solidified it will be clear what kind of special physical traits they will have, though in rare cases these traits will only start to show when their powers awaken during their teenage years.

Only when they are in their pre to early teens will they become able to start changing their appearance and will their instinctual drive for combat start to awaken in an unrestraint sensation they cannot ignore.

Once they reach the age between 15 and 18 (depending on how soon their body’s began to develop) they learn how control their combat urges.

As an Cyrian age their body tends to stay around the physical age of 40 to 50, though their faces do get more wrinkles and their skin becomes a gray tone of their natural skin.

Slowly during the aging it becomes  harder and more dangerous to use their appearance effecting abilities as their body, due to being worn out with age, cannot take the changes anymore, changing their hair would cause it to instantly fall out, (otherwise there hair would remain as it was)

Changing their eyes would make them go blind (or at least lower their eye sight, depending on how old they are)

Changing their skin would cause it to tear at various places.

Trying to shift an organ would very likely cause the muscles and flesh that keeps it in place to break, which is deadly in most cases.

Once they become elders they also begin to lose their additional feature in most cases, this can be in various ways, skins often just shred or remain in rare cases, eyes also may in rare cases remain but  normally go blind, limbs like added arms generally begin to die and rot, either from the base, which causes it to fall off in a week time or from the furthest part (like fingertips) , in the end the person would keep a black dead partly rotter spot on their body which has various health issues, tails tend to just drop off.

A female or male Cyrian can create a other gender genitailia (though males cannot grow breasts) but these are blanks, a female can shoot seed but these are more like yogurt in consistory, meaning that a female can only give birth and males cannot (compared to their Evan family members), females can start to lactate at will but unless they have given birth or are pregnant, the milk will possess no nutrients and is made purely of milk flavored water.

Females do not get periods and tend to be fertile ones a year, going through a 2 year pregnancy, carrying a belly the size of triplets for only one child who will be born as a shapeless blob, removing all the strain from childbirth, after birth they can start lactating whenever they want which due to the pregnancy hormones will be filled with nutrients, enough to fill an large human adult for an day (the children still come just as often as human children as they need a LOT of nutrients due to the change between blob and solid body)

They have the same live expectancy as humans but tend to die of natural causes 10 years earlier.

Culture Edit

Cyrians are driven by a natural instinct to challenge those who they consider powerful, see how they stack up to them and due to this have been dubbed a warrior race.

If their opponent wins, they will be treated with the highest respect and challenged again after 10 years, if they lose, well Cyrians generally don’t kick the one who is down, hoping that next time, the opponent has gotten stronger.

Children don’t have this instinct yet but regardless play war based games often enough.

Outsiders/ off worlders should not expect any respect or even politeness from Cyrian children as they tend to be rather cold to others unless, only those who have won a battle against a adult and thus are treated with respect are allowed to have contact with the children and are often promted to play with the kids (this comes from the children themselves but the adults allow it with hopes that their kids will learn something of the winner)

Cyrians have been in various wars since they started space exploring, though more to test strength and thus never taken over a world.

Both Cyrian worlds are small and have only 12 city’s and an other 12 towns with 12 farming villages total.

Due to the warrior mind and  dangers of changing at older ages, every Cyrian who turned past 60 is considered an elder and is given the right to discuss and a say in matters when it is about their city, from their one the oldest of each city is part of that planets 12 and have a say about the entire planet and off planet relationships.

Due to being born with natural defects, Cyrians dont see a defect as a bad thing and more as a blessing, having an opposite view compared to other races in general, those bullied for having a defect can expect help from any Cyrian nearby.

Language Edit

Cyrian possess their own language but have an uncanny natural ability to pick up other languages with ease.

For this they need to have listened to an other language personally (meaning, really be there and not listen to an recording) and then go to bed, during the sleep their main process the heard words and with it begins to understand those said words (meaning they only learn the words they heard)

After that, they can understand and speak those words, if they have learned a decent amount of a single language, they could even begin to understand what is being said when hearing new words without having to sleep first (however to know and use the words they still need to sleep first)

Locations Edit

Raisengi (main planet)

A small planet in sector # with 12 citys, 12 towns and 12 farming villages.

This planet used to be visited by the Gremory who had build buildings on it, though when things went bad for the Gremory they left the planet, giving it space for the Cyrian to start living on it.

Skaian (second world)

A small planet in sector # with also 12 citys, towns and farming villages.

Shortly after being esablished, the Cyrian on this planet were visited by the NOVE and broke contact with the main planet, it is unknown why or what happened and to the outside universe it is unknown that the NOVE visited the planet, but It has been comfirmed that these settlers are fine and living a good live.

Militairy And Religion Edit

Cyrians are warrior based race, their entire culture can be considered of military class, yet while it seems they have no room for religion with this info structure, they actually possess various gods they seek support from and often enough will come with remarks fitting this.

Even though they have their own religion they have no problems with other religions, they feel that with as many gods that they serve, it is without a doubt that the realm of the gods is big enough to house so many more, having split their watchful eyes across the galaxy, it is all one big family, one big religion, even if other religions have different rules and values, that is only because the gods that watch over them have given them those ideals as every god is much like every individual, each has their strengths and talents and ideals,.

They feel blessed having so many gods themselves but also feel that if a race has only one god, then that god is strong enough to handle so many on its own, a balance in divine powers.

(see: List of Cyrian gods)


Tech Edit

Cyrian possess your average basic space tech level, though often enough decorated or built in manners fitting warrior tribes and such.

Abilities Edit

Much like their sister race Evan’s, they can change their appearance at will, however they are much more limited in this.

They can only fully effect their outer appearance like hair, skin and eye color, skin shape and density (such as making the skin as hard as a dinosaur or rhino skin) and other physical traits, such as breasts size for females, hair lengths and more.

They do seem to be able to effect their bones in manner or being able to break them and mend them at will, though they never use this normally and have a very weak ability to slightly shift their organs by 5CM to avoid a possible fatal blow.

They are born with a natural kind of defect which acts just as it should, added arms have all abilities of arms, more eyes mean more sight, they can effect these just as the rest of their bodies but they can never remove these traits, however certain defects do give additional effects on these parts, such as someone with an 3e eye can grow more eyes if he/ she practise hard enough on it (these newer ones can be removed with the abilitie) and someone with an different skin can effect either the skin type (leather, normal skin, traits such as able to withstand heat) OR can effect the pattern (but keep the normal type), they can never effect both as this would mean they can temporally remove the defect skin.

They have an ability to learn other languages (see language)

Magiwaves Edit

Cyrians possess the ability to use magiwaves but generally have a talent for utility and support based magic such as healing arts or enhancing weapons.

History Edit


Cyrians are direct decendants from Krawl .

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