Crystal Light Lazers is a Weapon system of the Shiira race.

Crystal Light Lazers work by using a Ellectrose Core Crystal in a similar manner as normal Ellectrose Crystals are used to generate and act like lights combined with a special made diamond that focus light and the ellectrical current of the Ellectrose core crystal to create a lazer beam that moves as fast as light itself.

The weapon is shaped in a diamond shape and its size may vary but is generally not bigger then a Bull.

The weapon is not all that powerful, trough it becomes stronger the bigger it is, but it is fast and able to fire in a small rapid rate with the right operator, it deals its best damage to energy shields that normally block all physical attacks of the shiira weapons, taking it out in a few good aimed rapid shots, leaving the target open for the more heavy physical damage.

the weapon seems to fail against most organic substance for some unknown reason, possibely as it is pure light and containes no initial heat, meaning it basically is like sun rays against a living creature, while its light matter is able to burn out nearly all energy shields (Hard-Light and Elxchion Fields excluded)

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