A Crystal Roller is a Shiira tank.

In general it looks like a normal tank as the base design was taken from human tanks. though subtle design traits the main way to know its a Shiira tank is cause as with all Shiira tech, its all made from crystals.

-Its a 2 man vehicle:

--a Shiira heavy specialist is needed to move the tank and for none-ellectrose weapons in certain cases.

--a Shiira weapon specialist to handle all ellectrose weapons and in general all none-ellectrose weapons as well.

-they are equipped with ellectrose Core crystal  for the ellectrose weapons.

-slow but very sturdy.

-4 types can be found.

weapons and defenses: (basic version)

-Ellectrose bomb  as main cannon weapon.

-crystal Gattler: ellectrose version. 

-diamond quartz armoring.

Weapons and defenses: (heavy version)

-Hellio tracking shard frontal system

-hallio tracking shard defensive system

-rotating defense plates

-Diamond quartz armoring double layer.

-Crystal Gattler: crystal version

Weapons and defenses: (light version)

-crystal light lazers

-Crystal gattler: Ellectrose version

-Diamond quartz armoring

Weapons and defenses: (free version)

-Twin spire launcers (tank sized version)

-diamond quartz armoring

-Crystal gatller crystal version

(its called a free version due to being free of ellectrose systems and thus free from EMP blasts)

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