Core Crystal Overload is a highly risky super defense weapon of the Shiira race and only equipted on the Pillar series at this time due to it being on the same system as the Opening Front Core Cannon.

The weapon works by overloading the core crystal that has been installed in the ship in a more controlled version.

If controlled correctly the core crystal will release a massive blast around the ship, covering all other objects with a layer of crystal.

however the ship's systems need to be shut off and all personal needs to protect themself in order to be crystalized as well.

after this all the ships systems will remain deactivated for a halve hour, only the Oxiodentice crystal will continue working but the ship further will remain immobalized, making this move a true last resort as it is both a problem during, before and after, and has a high rate of pure suicide move, but contrain enough power to destroy all enemy ships in the area.

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