A Core Rifle is a Magiwave weapon made by the Ainants.

A Core Rifle is a medium weight dome shaped weapon with a short and large (for its build) barrel.

The Gun is a unique type of weapon that works on a similar system as the Core Cannon, but stripped down in order that it can be used more easily and in more situations, you can compare it to a grenade launcher or a Concussion Rifle from Halo Reach .

The rifle has a medium weight and is a medium to heavy clas weapon with a pretty basic operation system, being at best on medium range having no long range function (as the projectiles tend to drop in altitude) or as short range if used correctly (as the projectile has a small explosion) (a often used trick is to fire the gun at the ground and use the blast to jump higher, but this still deals damage to the one using it).

it is a pretty basic weapon who's amo amount differs on location, where in space it can fire for a limited amount of time and a limited rapid fire but being weightless the projectiles tend to fly forward instead of bending down, but on a planet of avarage size the weapon has unlimited amo and a normal rapid fire, a small planet would depend on its use, limited amo but rapid fire or slow rapid fire but near unlimited amo, a big planet gives unlimited and a nice rapid fire.

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