A Core Canon is a Magiwave weapon made by the Ainants.

A Core Cannon is a heavy weight weapon with a circular body and a large short barrel with its handle inside the weapon and a second handle on its side, both are needed to be handled as a trigger while the one on its side is also to carry the weapon.

The Gun falls under the Heavy class energy rocket launchers, firing a highly concentrated magiwave energy projectile, the exact ability of the projectile seems to differ depending on the planet it is on, hench its name Core, as it seems to use the magiwaves that a planets core seem to give off.

The cannon has a heavy weight and is a heavy class weapon with a pretty advanched operation system, being at best on medium range combat, having much lower accurency on long range as the bullet is not super fast and on close range the explosion will hurt the user as well (trough Ainants with a high recovery ability tend to get close and personal using this weapon for best chance of hitting and sure kill force).

Its a powerful and advanched weapon that is limited on its ammo, the exact amount differs with a planets size, the bigger the planet the more shots can be fired, their is a slight delay between shot giving it a possible rapid fire effect if used correctly..

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