Chutorck Invasion
Attacker Chutorck
Defender Races of sector 39
Notable individuals attacking Warmaster Tardrax, Warmaster Artack
Notable individuals defending High Centurion Ostaryef, Minister Tronlenn, Kon Su Wong
Date Circa Three 200 gt
Location Much of sector 39
Attacker strength Hordes of Chutorck infantry, many legions of various war machines, several fleets of various warships, one World Eater, an unknown number of reserves on the other side of the portal
Defender strength Hordes of Krunklings, several legions of Borr infantry and heavy tanks, several legions of Mon Kett infantry and combat vehicles, several elite Mon Kett strike teams, several fleets of various warships, some lesser contributors
Attacker casualties Warmaster Tardrax, the World Eater and most invading Chutorck
Defender casualties Many Borr and Mon Kett defenders, an uncountable number of Krunklings, extinction of the Anolians
Status/Outcome Costly victory for the defenders, Chutorck cut off from Anreemea, Warmaster Artack into hiding, desolation of Anolia

The Chutorck Invasion was a major war that took place during the fourth millennium, fought between the Chutorck on one side and the Anolians and their allies on the other.

The WarEdit

The war began when the Chutorck opened an artificial wormhole from their own galaxy to Andreemea, in order to fulfil their long-awaited goal of destroying the organics. At this time, most of Andreemea’s races were still too scattered to form an inter-sector alliance, so it fell to the three most powerful races of sector 39 to fight for the sake of the galaxy: the Anolians, the Borr and the Mon Kett. Although the Anolians were the oldest and most technologically advanced of the three, their military strength was lacking, so they had no choice but to let their allies fight for them while providing whatever support they could.

As Mon Kett and Borr forces engaged the Chutorck in land and space battles across a variety of planets, every single Anolian was recalled to Anolia in order to develop the technology required to win this war. As a race full of brilliant scientists, they made rapid progress in multiple fields. Over the course of the war, they created a variety of high-tech super weapons that gave their allies a much-needed fighting chance. ((OOC note: will elaborate on this later))

But their first truly tide-turning creation was the Krunklings. While the constant Chutorck attacks were increasingly cutting them off from valuable sources of crafting materials, the one thing their planet didn’t lack was biomass. With that in mind, they used a combination of cloning technology and genetic manipulation to create the Krunklings. Despite the ethical issues of using seynient beings as living weapons, they managed to agree that this was for the best. With their rapid reproduction and ability to thrive in war-torn environments, the Krunklings were the perfect counter against the endless waves of Chutorck reinforcements.

Meanwhile, the Borr and Mon Kett had been losing ground at an increasing rate against the increasingly more powerful waves of enemies, but thanks to Krunkling reinforcements they managed to finally fight the Chutorck to a standstill. Yet even that was short-lived, as with the arrival of Warmasters Tardrax and Artack, the Chutorck grew more persistent and more cunning. Under their command, they developed ways to exploit each opposing race’s weaknesses, and morale among the defenders became dangerously low whenever one of the seemingly-invincible Warmasters took to the field in person.

The Anolians were working on a new secret weapon to stop the Chutorck once and for all, but they feared that even with the Krunkling reinforcements they might get overrun before it could ever reach completion. Together, High Centurion Ostaryef and Minister Tronlenn, two of the highest leaders among the defenders, came up with a plan to buy them time. For a while, they had suspected the Warmasters of being seynient, which means they could be reasoned with to some extent.

Hoping for the best, they sent an envoy to contact Warmaster Tardrax and propose a duel between champions, to decide the outcome of this war. Uncaring about honour, Tardrax might have shot down the envoy’s ship on the spot, but instead, seeing some use in this arrangement, he accepted. An agreement was made to momentarily halt all fighting on the planet Ralkalio, which currently served as the last bastion of defence between the Chutorck and Anolia, so that the duel could take place there.

The champion that the defenders chose was Kon Su Wong, a Mon Kett war hero legendary for his use of the five sword style, and possibly the only known person capable of fighting one-on-one against a Warmaster. Armed with a set of Anolian-made MDF swords, one of few weapons that could pierce a Warmaster's hull, he came face-to-face with Artack amidst the ruins of Ralkalio. When he did, it turned out a Chutorck ambush had been set up in order to kill Kon without a fair fight. However, he and his allies had foreseen this betrayal and had set up a counter-ambush to keep them off his back.

As fighting broke out between the ambushing forces, Kon engaged Tardrax in a long and intense battle. In the end, Kon landed a killing blow by cleaving Tardrax in half at the waist, but had his right arm cleft off at the shoulder in return. The few soldiers that’d survived the battle managed to rescue the dying Kon and stop the bleeding in time to save his life, but not before he slipped into a coma from his blood loss.

The death of Warmaster Tardrax left his troops unable to adapt to the enemy’s tactics to the same degree, which gained the defenders an upper hand in the ensuing battle. They still couldn’t hold out indefinitely against the seemingly endless reinforcements of the Chutorck, but this plan had bought them time, especially since Warmaster Artack was busy fighting deep within Borr territory, farther away from the high-priority target that was Anolia.

The defenders thought themselves lucky that Artack didn’t continue the push towards Anolia like Tardrax had, but they had underestimated him. As the Anolians’ project was nearing completion, Artack suddenly stopped being sighted at the northern front, briefly disappearing from the grid entirely. When he reappeared, he was leading a large host straight towards Anolia, accompanied by a never-before-seen World Eater ship. Knowing their target, they bypassed Ralkalio completely and smashed any fleet that tried to intercept them with their overwhelming firepower.

Knowing that he couldn’t give the Anolians any chance to escape, Artack’s plan was not to take Anolia the conventional way, but to use the World Eater’s Apocalypse Cannon to destroy everything and everyone upon it from orbit. When the Anolians heard he was coming for them, they opted to release their experimental weapon slightly earlier than planned. This weapon was the Virous, a horde of tiny machines that can make AIs go rogue. They released it upon the approaching Chutorck fleet, which had a shattering effect despite not being fully tested beforehand.

The Virous made the Chutorck massively turn against each other, rapidly causing the fleet to fall apart into chaos. The only one immune to this virus was the Warmaster himself, due to possessing the mind of a High Being rather than being an actual AI. Dedicated to his cause, he personally destroyed each and every crewmember inside the World Eater, before plugging himself directly into the ship’s mainframe, turning it into an extension of himself. He left the rest of the fleet behind and continued in his way to destroy Anolia no matter the cost.

Just as the World Eater exited FTL travel within range of Anolia, so did the Borr capital ship, the Grey Citadel, under command of High Centurion Ostaryef himself. Due to its lack of mobility, the Grey Citadel was usually stationed as an essential line of defence deep inside Borr territory, but with Artack’s sudden absence, Ostaryef’s suspicions led him to risk exposing his own home world to intercept the attack that he correctly assumed would happen. When he communicated the warmaster's plans to attack to the Anolians on the surface, Minister Tronlenn halted him, saying that the World Eater’s Apocalypse Cannon would easily destroy the Grey Citadel if they did, and that the allied fleet that remained nearby had no hope of defeating it without them. He ordered the Borr to stand down and let Artack fire upon their world before taking down the World Eater. Ostaryef grudgingly complied.

The World Eater launched its Apocalypse Cannon unhindered, covering the surface of Anolia with devastating explosions and triggering the eruption of dozens of supervolcanoes worldwide. Anolia was enveloped in volcanic smoke and soon reduced to a volcanic wasteland, leaving no remnant of the once-mighty Anolian civilization. But the remaining defenders knew what they had to do. The Grey Citadel, accompanied by a small fleet of Borr battleships, Mon Kett bombers and Krunklings kroozas, attacked the World Eater, which was left to defend itself without its now-depleted super weapon.

Despite that, the ensuing battle was long and hard, resulting in numerous losses among the Andreemean fleet and heavy damage to the Grey Citadel. Even when his powerful shields were depleted and the Grey Citadel’s plasma cannons were blasting holes into the World Eater’s hull, Warmaster Artack waited until the last minute to abandon ship. In the end, the World Eater was destroyed, but Artack managed to escape inside a specialized stealth shuttle, disappearing off the grid once again.

Shortly before their extermination, the Anolians had issued the Virous a new target: To enter through the wormhole into the Chutorck’s native galaxy, where they could cause the greatest amount of damage. They did just that, en masse, and started causing chaos amidst the foundation of their empire. Chutorck reinforcements stopped coming through shortly after, as full-scale war had broken out on the other side. Not much longer after that, the very machine that had been keeping the artificial wormhole intact was destroyed by the rampaging rogue Chutorck, permanently closing it.

With any reinforcements cut off, the Chutorck knew they stood no more chance of winning. A few more skirmishes were fought, but soon enough the few remaining Chutorck who hadn’t been affected by the Virous disappeared off the radar as well and went into hiding across several hidden outposts, effectively ending the war.

The AftermathEdit

After their costly victory, the Borr and Mon Kett were left without their long-time mentors and forced to rely upon themselves and each other in order to rebuild. Kon awoke from his coma after the war was over, and although he was praised as a hero, the loss of the Anolians pulled him into a depression and caused him to spend the next few years of his life as a hermit.

The Krunklings, with no more Chutorck to fight and no more Anolians to control them, rapidly fell out of control and became a threat to anyone around, which spawned a myriad of smaller wars against both their former allies and any other race they came upon.

Meanwhile, a small number of Chutorck, under the command of Warmaster Artack, still remain inside Andreemea, plotting and scheming for their eventual resurgence. Those same Chutorck would later cause the reappearance of the Virous, as well as several other conflicts.

Although Anolia was reduced to a smouldering wasteland, 20,000 years later the few surviving plants and animals have repopulated and evolved into a new, stable ecosystem, once again covering the planet in lush plains and forests. It remains mostly uninhabited, but many races, especially the Mon Kett, consider it an important monument, both in memory of the Anolians and as a symbol that “life will always triumph”.

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