Class Robot
Average height Variable
Average weight Variable
Color Variable, often grey
Features Variable
Lifespan Indefinite
GPI Unknown
Alliance None
Home world Unknown
Sectors No major foothold in Andreemea, full control of their own galaxy
Population rank Unknown, assumed S
Notable individuals Warmaster Artack, Warmaster Tardrax
Enemies Anolians, Borr, Krunklings, Mon Kett, all organics

The Chutorck are a collective of highly advanced robots, created by the High Being Calginck for the purpose of exterminating all organic life and replacing it with robotics, which are according to him superior. They are powerful enough to threaten all life in Andreemea, but the vast majority of their strength is currently locked away in another galaxy, unable to enter Andreemea.

However, remnants of the first invasion still linger in hidden underground bases across an unknown number of planets, posing a constant and untraceable threat. Under the command of Warmaster Artack, they’re slowly growing in numbers and have been making strategic hit and run attacks upon the races of Andreemea, to weaken them for their eventual resurgence.

General traitsEdit

As robots, Chutorck don’t eat, breathe or sleep. The lesser ones are powered by internal batteries that usually last several days before needing to be recharged by a specialized support structure. The larger or more important ones are powered by their own built-in cold fusion reactor. All Chutorck are built from metal, plasteel and/or plastic. Although they have AIs of varying levels of intelligence, none but the Warmasters are truly seynient. They use energy weapons almost exclusively, to preserve metal for the construction of more Chutrock. They come in many shapes and sizes, the most notable of which are listed below.



Warmasters are the highest ranking individuals of a Chutorck army. They’re the rare few who have been given sentience by implanting a small shard of Calginck’s soul into them, allowing them to out-think the enemy where no regular AI could. They are Calginck’s eyes, ears and hands in the physical world. Known for their great combat prowess and even greater intellect, they strike fear into the hearts of their enemies by leading Chutorck armies from the front lines and devise strategies rivalling the greatest of tacticians.

They are like a skeletal humanoid in appearance, though the chest section shows no ribs, with four arms sprouting from their torso instead of two. Their face is like a human skull, but slightly more elongated. They have four fingers on each hand and six long toes on each foot that point outward in a star pattern, to provide good footing on almost any terrain. Their shell is a non-reflective grey colour, their eyes red and luminescent.

Only a handful of Warmasters exist, but the exact number is unknown.



Millions of years ago, the High Being Calginck became convinced that all biological life is inferior to robotics and must be replaced. When the other High Beings refused to cooperate, he revolted against them, but was outnumbered and defeated. Unwilling to kill one of their own kind, they instead exiled him to another galaxy devoid of seynient life, where he could do no further harm, or so they thought.

Still intent on fulfilling his mission, Calginck simply saw this as an opportunity. Over the many years, he influenced the course of history, creating living beings as his pawns and, through them, creating robotics. In time, the AIs’ intelligence surpassed that of their creators and they massively turned against them. After exterminating the obsolete organics, the now-autonomous Chutorck continued expanding across the galaxy and advancing their technology under the subtle influence of Calginck.

Eventually, they created the first Warmaster, a vessel capable of holding a part of Calginck’s soul, so that he could lead them more directly. Under his command, the Chutorck began developing an incredibly advanced piece of technology capable of opening an artificial wormhole to another galaxy, the Andreemea Galaxy to be precise. When it was finally finished, they used it to invade Andreemea en masse on a crusade to exterminate all organics, thus starting the war known as the Chutorck Invasion.

Despite their overwhelming power, the war ended in a close defeat on their part when the Anolians released the Virous to pass through the wormhole and into their galaxy. Not only did the Virous cause massive infighting among the Chutorck, dwindling their military strength, they also caused the very machine keeping the wormhole open to be destroyed amidst the chaos, closing off their entrance into Andreemea.

While the few uninfected Chutorck that remained in Andreemea, among whom Warmaster Artack, were forced into hiding, a massive war erupted in their home galaxy between them and the Virous. Because they couldn’t adapt to the Virous as quickly as the Virous could adapt to them, it took over a thousand years for this war to finally come to an end. It only ended when they finally found an exploitable limit to the Virous’ adaptation abilities and managed to permanently immunize themselves.

By then, what had once been a mighty empire was reduced to a mere shadow of its former self. Calginck did not give up, but he knew that in order to fulfil his mission, he not only needed to rebuild the full might of the Chutorck, but make them even stronger than they’d been back then. That is what they’ve been doing since, growing more powerful out of sight and out of mind of the Andreemeans, until the time to strike arises once more.

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