This place can be called many things depending on where you are, even different pronunciations of the same name, the most common alternate pronunciation sounding like "hahala veh". Other terms can be "the afterlife", "the High Plane" (a very common term), "the next dimension", "high order", "heaven", "the kingdom of gods", etc, depending on different beliefs on the subject that alter how this place is viewed.

It's on a different dimensional plane then the rest of the normal universe and cannot be seen or interacted with from the normal plane under normal circumstances. Even those of the High Plane cannot interact well with the normal plane, at least if they want large scale immediate effects. Most interaction is done gradually over thousands of years, and to better physically interact with one another they mostly travel through what are known as "High Portals" that are opened up when large concentrations of magiwaves are weaved into a certain formation. The portals close once the magiwaves in the area are drained of energy. Other passageways are always open, at least until something happens to close it, but these are super rare.

Geography Edit

Most of Chahara Vee, the Higher Dimension, is made out of pure white nothingness that can go on forever, swallowing individuals up into light who stray too far into the nothingness. Pure white shapes can form into the desired constructs of the occupants with control over such matter, called "high matter", allowing them to form massive buildings or many other things. Some are more powerful than others, and their power resonates through the high matter so that others can't simply use it as their own. Particularly powerful individuals control entire cities in this way. Cities are not limited by construction of the normal dimension, able to float and be made into any bizarre shape that is desired.

Plants and animals are not native to this place, only taken from the normal dimension. There is no sun, but the combined light of all the high matter gives off a similar effect. Passageways of intense light exist that allow instant transportation to other areas of Chahara Vee. Some points in the white material drips down into a dark void that connects into the normal dimension.

Inhabitants Edit

Sant Edit

The most common individuals are the Sant. They can will their body, if powerful enough, to take on different shapes over time, but without modification they look like flawless humans with sparkling white hair and pure white eyes. Some are able to become giant size, others take on the form of birds, etc. The weakest ones are about human power but many of them fight on a whole different level. They can all survive completely on the glow of high matter from Chahara Vee, not even needing to breath, although if leaving to the normal plane they must consume other resources such as food, water, and air, just like humans, or take some of the high matter with them.

High Beings Edit

High Being

Servant Constructs Edit

Often just called Servants, they're beings made out of high matter that are given souls taken from deceased members of the normal plane and overwritten to become a blank slate. They can have any shape due to the high matter being itself able to manipulate into any shape, although once the soul is in the Servant they tend to stick to the form they feel most comfortable with. Servants can be very weak, very powerful, to anywhere in between, often a result of how powerful the soul was while alive. They sometimes travel to the normal plane when on a mission for their masters, the High Beings or the Sant who created them. Some Servants, however, develop or are given free will. Like Sants, when in the normal plane, they have to gain energy. In their case all they have to do is disintegrate any matter to steal it's energy rather then it be actual food.

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