A highly regarded UNT school for special forces training that's a household name for anyone who does any bit or research into military academies. There are actually five schools that share the Celindel name and high level of standards, the most sought after being Celindel Central Academy, found on the capital world of Altiore. The other schools are North, South, East, and West academies.

They don't commonly take part in any actual military operations while still training at the academy, but they're authorized to do so in emergency or special situations. Do to the wealth of the schools they can afford highly realistic combat simulators and other equipment to help bring out the best of these promising students.

Uniforms Edit

Due to the diverse group of students there are many different types of uniforms
Fokka Nano

Fokka Nano, a student showing off the famous black and red uniform.

to accommodate different race's unique styles and needs. None of the standard ones, however, are armored because that would interfere with basic school activities. Some are more suited for colder climates while some are more suited for warmer ones. Girls don't have to wear dresses or skirts but the most popular uniforms have them (for example, the one in the image to the right). Due to the high level of recognition that the black and red uniforms have brought, most uniforms now incorporate that into color scheme.

Students Edit

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