She's the second most talented fighter pilot of Charundeer and has the highest kill count, able to be beaten consistently only by Rain Chariott, the wing leader of Charundeer, and once lost to Waufdoor, the third most talented fighter pilot, but this feat hasn't been repeated by him or any other member of Charundeer in a fair one-on-one dogfight. Even among such a talented group, Celena and Rain are almost as if in a league of their own.

Appearance Edit

She has shoulder length dirty blonde hair that she doesn't put too much work on, causing it to often be in a slightly wild looking style and frizzy around the tips. She has fierce green eyes.

If not in her military uniform she doesn't put much thought into her wardrobe, preferring things easy to get into and move around in over looking pretty. As such she often just slips on a pair of ripped blue jeans and a baggy white t-shirt in the event she needs to go out and can't wear her uniform. She's never worn high heels.

Personality Edit

She's highly arrogant, although this trait does ease up over time, especially after a deep blow to her ego as a result of her defeat against Rain in a dogfight. Even so, her only being second best took a long time to accept, but once she did finally accept it she was much more at peace. She still behaves in a very cocky manner and loves taunting/toying with her foes, but she's not so defensive and bitter when her "superiority" is threatened...not entirely, anyways. She can recognize the talent of others and has even grown to respect people like Rain, even if she's still hesitant to lean on others for support. Even if she acts like she doesn't like it, deep down she enjoys the companionship they bring that she never had while growing up.

She's prone to using violence to solve her problems, showing no hesitation or remorse in gunning down enemy fighters by the dozens. She believes that the scum of the galaxy should be wiped out, and if they were foolish or unlucky enough to come across her path then too bad for them. She's hesitant to believe in second chances, stating that people never change at heart. As such she tends to be untrustworthy, relying only on herself, although admitting that even she's just as untrustworthy as all the others. When people ask her if she too should be eliminated, according to her own point of view, she oddly enough has no retort for them, ignoring the question completely rather then even showing anger. Rumor has it that she does, indeed, have some sort of a death wish, or that she hates even herself, but this may or may not be substantiated.

Relationships Edit

Family - Nobody knows if she has any surviving family. She never mentions them.

Rain Chariott - Her rival and commanding officer. She desperately wanted to defeat him at first but now respects him.

Waufdoor - Slightly bitter towards him after he bested her in a dogfight, but these feelings have mellowed out now that she's had time to contemplate her loss.

Abilities Edit

Flying skills Edit

She's an elite pilot known for quick, risky, and aggressive maneuvering to keep intense pressure on her opponents. Even without her magic she's very dangerous to take on in a dogfight and expect to get out in one piece.

Physical Edit

Her body is kept healthy and decently athletic, able to hold her own in a fist fight against the average foe if need be. She knows how to use a pistol with great skill, but other weapons she's only around average.

Magical Edit

She has learned a rare and incredibly legendary form of time magic called, in English, "Flower Blossom That Falls 1,000 Seasons".

Her magical ability is of an insanely high quality due to being able to create her formations both quickly and accurately while in the middle of combat, a fact that's incredible given how much concentration both her type of magic and space combat requires, although she claims she can fight off most pilots in her sleep, allowing her to focus almost purely on her magic formations if need be. It should be noted that against particularly skilled pilots such as Rain, she found it nearly impossible to use her magic.

History Edit

As a child she was forced to defend herself against a Veiriss assassin sent to kill her after someone saw her future as a serious threat to them. However, her killing the assassin spurred her down the road that lead her to becoming a fighter pilot, gaining her magical power, and developing her current personality. Her killing the assassin is on her background check so is public knowledge to those around her, but they don't press the issue for details despite their curiousness of how she could have achieved this, but she doesn't give the details anyways even if asked. Ruled as a self defense she was still able to enlist in military service.

Trivia Edit

  • It's possible I was inspired to create this character while under the influence of this scene. She cannot fly, but with her time magic to the outside observer it looks like she can summon guns out of thin air and engage in gun fights of this caliber.
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