Unfinished work, like the WIP category, but in this case only certain parts of the page are WIP. You cannot trust any info in the WIP category due to heavy construction throughout the entire page while this one has all information present still considered to be canon and it's just that more information is needed.

Not everything should be posted here despite all pages able be considered unfinished (there can always be more information about whatever the subject matter is). For example, a character of yours can be edited over time as they experience more and more things. Therefore, placement in the UW category is only if there's certain info missing that you already know about and wish to edit in some time in the future or it's important information missing that you know you need to come up with sooner or later. If you've already typed down everything you currently know about them and just wish to post things when/if you come up with them then they don't need to be in this category.

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