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Canon means that everything within the same canon takes place within the same continuity. A more simple explanation? If something happens in one tale, that something has still happened, or will happen, in another tale within the same canon. That other tale doesn't need to explore the events that happen in the other tale, but it did still happen regardless.

Types of CanonEdit

There will be many types of canon. Canon labeled as "Canon-0" is canon that you always consider valid in any story unless specifically stated otherwise. I have the rights to said information and can always use it however I see fit, as it's part of the main lore of Andreemea to be brought from story to story. Therefore, don't submit your idea under this label unless you wish to permanently donate your idea to me and have it making it's rounds to other stories. Don't worry about someone else coming in and labeling your information under the Canon-0 category without your approval. You must get approval from me in some other way rather then just putting it into the category, proving it's you who is wanting to do so. Also, I'll be very stingy about what I add into Canon-0 anyways, so don't feel bad if I end up removing it from said category.

There are other canons out there then just this one. For example, let's say you wish to create a race of all powerful fish people from another galaxy who are bent on destroying all of Andreemea. Cool beans, but quite possibly not part of the main canon. How to fix this problem? You can make it a whole new canon as part of some alternate reality! Canon-0 information all still applies besides what has changed as a result of this new canon. Whoever creates it can name it anything not already taken, but let's say they decide on "Canon-Fish". From that point on, all stories taking place in the canon where fish people from another galaxy invade will be dealing with Canon-Fish information and whoever comes up with said ideas have the rights to those ideas. As previously stated they can use my Canon-0 ideas as well as part of their canon (as long as they are doing non-profit stuff). As for me, I cannot use Canon-Fish ideas as my own in other stories unless it's obvious stuff that nobody would expect to be copyrighted (for example, you can't have a race of space elves and claim I copied you if I have some in Canon-0 as well). As the owner of Canon-Fish, people must go to you like they must go to me to include stuff into that canon.

Pages can be categorized under multiple canons if you wish them to be. However, if there are differences in each canon then you must split the information into sections or some other easily distinguishable way, one set of information for their main canon and one for the rest for the differences in the different canons. For example, you have the all powerful race of fish from another galaxy as part of Canon-Fish. You wish for me to accept them as part of Canon-0, but I say they must be made as weak as normal fish and can only have so large of a armada. The top section will be the all powerful Canon-Fish version and the bottom will be the normal Canon-O version, for one example how you can handle it.

I'll be lenient on allowing new canons to be formed. All you have to do is contact me with the new canon idea you'd like to create and state the differences that new canon brings. Once approved it can be added to a page with the list of canons. So what are the other canon around?

You are already familiar with Canon-0, the main canon of mine.

Every person can have their own main canon that is what they can use by default if they do anything. This is what Canon-1 is for. Canon-1 will probably be the most popular choice to mess around with and get everyone involved. As long as most others are fine with it then most ideas will be allowed in by me, another admin, or someone designated to be able to approve of such things. Many Canon-0 ideas will still be around to help support things, but some of the ideas people have will more than likely add on or change some things. A roleplay that is Canon-1 will allow all the Canon-1 info that everyone has to be included if they want it to. However, if someone doesn't want their info into the roleplay than that's fine too. If the person isn't around to defend themselves then just assume they don't want their information included unless previously otherwise stated.

Canon-2 is for hard sci-fi, meaning that things are a lot more strict on what is allowed in. I don't see as much appeal to this, enjoying some fun craziness every once in awhile, but if this canon is your cup of tea then go for it and start up some Canon-2 stuff.

Canon-3 will be for the other side of the spectrum; absolute zaniness. No approval is needed to get something into this canon because anything goes.

These are the main canons, at least for the foreseeable future. That's not to say that additional ones wont be created for whatever reason when an alternate reality idea comes up. Unless it's a major "game mechanics" change, for lack of a better term, different canons should not be labeled as different numbers by themselves. Letters or words would be best for simple alternate realities.


Otherwise known as making something no longer canon. Under rare circumstances, rather then say it just never happened, the correct way of seeing it is that said information is actually just part of an alternate reality. If it was part of Canon-0 but now it isn't, then perhaps it was actually part of another Canon after all, kapeesh? It just seemed like Canon-0 because everything was the same besides the now retconned information. If you no longer care about the retconned information then you don't need to state what canon it was from, it just disappears into obscurity. However, it can be made into a new canon if you'd like to continue with that idea, just not as part of the main canon.

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