This canon stands for Magical Girl.

The Magical Gem Edit

In this canon it's impossible for organics to manipulate Magiwaves the normal way. They need the Magirite Gem to do so as if they were inorganic. However, there's a catch. Said magirite gem is only formed on a large scale by genetic Magic found in the x chromosome and two x chromosomes of this genetic trait is needed. This means that, although the father needs to have the gene in his x chromosome that passes down, he can only have one of the gene and is thus not able to express it. Only females can have the gene in both of their x chromosomes, thus expressing the required genetic magic and forming the magirite gem within the center of their chest, a process that happens around the age of 8 or so but younger or older cases have been reported. Despite some individuals best efforts, transplanting these gems into other test subjects has been unsuccessful because the new host has been unable to sync up with the gem to make use of it's magical properties.

The gems tend to break down over time so becomes relatively inert upon hitting a certain age, usually around the low twenties at the latest. Use of magic doesn't play too much of a factor in increasing or decreasing the longevity of the gem but misuse certainly decreases it. Although gems are of the highest quality around 12 after some maturation of the gem, the ones in their mid teens are generally the best because of their longer practice. It can be thought of in factors of 4 years for average time of the average race for important landmarks. Age 8 starts the gem, age 12 perfectly matures it, age 16 is at their best, and age 20 is getting to be too old.

Not all races have the magical girl gene and even those that do aren't guaranteed to have the gene pass on in both of their x chromosomes because not all of the race have it besides rare exceptions. Some races have the gene in higher percentages of the population then others and the power of their created gem also varies depending on race. Due to the inclusion of the gene in a very high percentage of Japanese Earthlings within this canon they have amassed a very large influence and their population size is also far greater, making Japanese girls the highest percentage of magical girls of any single race. This fact has made the official language of the galaxy Japanese. (roleplays written in this canon would still be in English and assume they are actually speaking Japanese)

Destroying or removing a girl's magirite gem instantly kills her. Chipping it even a little will knock her out and likely have catastrophic effects on her magic from then on. Luckily it's made out of a very powerful material so won't chip just for the average attack. Even damage that could kill the magical girl could still leave her gem completely unharmed, making it often have to be a purposeful and precise attack to the gem to hurt it.

Their magirite gems are incredibly popular on the black market, especially the more powerful once that are bigger and shinier. Every gem is unique by at least some degree so you could tell who's is whose upon inspection. This makes the gems of famous magical girls especially valuable.

The Creation of Central and it's Opposition Edit

Wars with traditional soldiers and weapons were rendered useless to the power of the magical girls. A government known as Central was created as the sole legitimate government of the galaxy and they deploy magical girls as the peace keepers, having no other army. The Empress in charge is always a magical girl of the highest caliber who grew out of that stage and is now responsible for the major issues of the galaxy as a whole. There are smaller leaderships underneath her, of course, that still deal with most of the day to day stuff around the galaxy.

Not everyone is so pleased with Central. Rebel forces have grown strong as of late and are made up of various races from around the galaxy who share the like mind of bringing the "repressive government" down, or perhaps have other motivations but use this as a rallying cry to bind their actions together for a common cause. The rebels have managed to gain control over vast territories, and although still outnumbered they pose a serious threat up front, and perhaps an even more serious threat from behind the scenes with secret plotting.

With the war against rebel forces escalating there are now millions of magical girls being deployed all around the galaxy on both sides, a number on the steady rise from their mere peacekeeper days. Due to purposely breeding two individuals with the gene in the x chromosome all but guarantees more magical girls, allowing them to become more mass produced.

The Morality of Magical Girls Edit

Due to concerns about the ethicalness of forcing magical girls into military service, Central's recruiting remains a strictly volunteer army with large amounts of pay and other benefits as incentive that will allow them to retire in comfort once they lose their magical girl abilities, or allow them to work in other lucrative positions if they so desire. Even if they don't survive the pay goes to the family or whoever else they desire. Being famous is also another huge perk for some individuals; the most popular magical girls a household name like sports athletes. It's indeed a heavily glorified position, but for those actually serving it might not be all fun and games, especially if they are up against other magical girls.

Of course there is also the problem of coercion that is nearly impossible to stamp out completely. Magical girls may be guilted or otherwise forced into joining by those around them even if it's illegal because it's difficult to prove the exact reason why they are joining. In such a circumstance it's often their own parents forcing them in for the wealth, fame, etc.

Their young age is also highly controversial. To become a talented magical girl most have to start training young, often at the age of 8 when their gems first show up. Although they're not placed into any combat situation until at least 12, and even then limited and relatively safe missions such as standing guard or defeating low level monsters, it's still conditioning them from a very young, impressionable age that some consider to be brain washing them into killers. It's not common to allow them into heavy combat until at least 14 to help minimize controversy and still allow them to fight while they have a high level of power available to them. If fighting against other magical girls they often want them at least 16, although this is not always possible, especially due to a fight able to spring out anywhere and any time.

Magical Girl Powers Edit

Magical girls can have all of the magical powers of the normal canon, meaning that there's a highly diverse set of powers available to them. However, in addition to this is the additional magical girl powers as part of their genetic magic that they all come with. They are as follows:

Magical Sensing - They can sense magiwaves/the unique magical energy of others, especially when in high levels such as a transformation or if a lot of magical attacks took place in the area, which could leave a strong indication for many hours. It takes a lot of skill to mask oneself to magical sensing, which is basically only doable while untransformed besides highly skilled individuals.

Physical Ability Increase - This trait is always active, often giving them a vast increase of physical abilities over the average person. The exact amount and where the bonuses fall varies depending on individual. Through focus they can often extend their physical ability increases even further than normal. Most can toss cars around.

Magical Transformation - They can surround themselves within a shroud of magiwaves that removes their original clothing in a flash of light and sparkles, replacing it with a magical uniform that offers a high level of protection from all different forms of damage, including cold or warm temperatures. This shroud of protection radiates off of their uniform across their entire body, including their hair, meaning that even if their skin is exposed it still has the same level of protection. The exact level of protection varies depending on the magical girl but a lot of them become easily bulletproof besides prolonged attacks or very powerful weaponry such as a couple hits from a tank at point blank. If their uniform gets damaged enough then their defense barrier weakens. Take too much damage and it's sometimes worth spending the energy to re-transform, but this is often risky because after taking that much damage the magical girl is often already tired from a long, hard battle so might not have much energy to spare.

Well trained individuals can cause the transformation sequence to happen nearly instantaneously while others might take longer, having to focus on each part of the uniform that draws out the entire process. Some people might dance while transforming to help them out, using something akin to muscle memory to help guide them through the process. The process of transforming releases a lot of energy, light, and sparkles that not only protects their modesty but can also help protect them from incoming attacks to an extent, allowing it to be used as a defensive tactic. However, it takes more energy then an average defense spell to accomplish the same thing and if they waste too much time trying to transform it's going to fail.

Magical uniforms can remain active as long as they have the energy to spare to keep it that way. Keeping it active doesn't take much energy, but it does none the less take some continually. Some can last all day while others have to focus too much on it, thus using up more energy and causing the uniform to disperse once they fail to concentrate properly. Once dispersed, the released energy is used to reform their original clothing that had been removed. This happens nearly instantaneously because it's very easy for the magic to form normal clothing even without the magical girl thinking about it. To fail this step would almost take an intentionally bad magical girl.

The design of the uniform varies from person to person but is often frilly and fancy looking along this idea but seldom with the shorts underneath the skirts. Due to the unique nature of the different uniforms, Central had to create a different way of identifying allied magical girls besides memorizing all their companions by face/unique uniform and energy signature (which is still highly recommended if at all possible). They're each given a magical ring, information on which can be found here under #2.

It's possible to keep a magical uniform active off of the magical girl's body through a continual supply of magiwave energy, but the practical reasons for this are slim.

Magical Armament - Magical girls can sometimes summon a special weapon of theirs just like they can their magical uniform. The weapons can be of various types and have various different effects. Some even look like and act like guns. If it uses ammo they can form more ammo through their energy.

Anti-magical Tactics Edit

Although highly unlikely that a non-magical girl can defeat a magical girl it's still possible through much higher levels of skill or luck then their opponent or the most advanced and rare weaponry specifically designed for dealing with them. Most of the time, if non-magical girls even involve themselves at all in combat, it's just to scout. With technology they can sense magical energy or just keep an eye on them if possible. That way they can call in magical girls to the position to do the actual heavy lifting. If they do have to fight with the intent to win the most common tactics are as follows:

1. Weapons firing Magstrium bullets or otherwise making use of the material. Due to the extreme cost from the scarcity and high demand it's far too expensive for the average person to fire even one bullet. Most that can afford it limit themselves to single bullet at a time weapons such as assault rifles and pistols or use a melee weapon where they can continually use it, making up for the high initial cost in the long run.

2. Gas attacks are illegal although still in high demand. The barrier from a magical uniform fails to protect against gas. However, most other magical barriers would indeed block gas and with their high level of physical abilities they can often escape the cloud in time unless pinned down.

3. Strangulation/neck breaks. The magical uniform's defense barrier doesn't help their air supply getting cut off or broken bones, so if unable to pierce their barrier this is often the only chance at victory. However, the strangulation option is clearly risky to remain up close and personal for so long.

4. Breaks in the barrier can be targeted, basically any opening in the body such as the mouth because the defensive barrier doesn't extend downward or else it would have to cover their entire digestive system, trachea, etc. The eye itself is protected but openings around the eye are not, allowing thin objects to slip inside. The inside of the ear is protected up to the tympanic membrane but is weak there. Clothing covers other weak points so are not so easily exploited.

5. Repeated attacks to the same point in the barrier, even if too weak to pierce it the first time, could still eventually weaken it enough to break through after enough attacks. Weakening them over-all could also produce the same effect.

6. Rare magirite gems can be found outside of the ones found in magical girls that can be used with technology to bring out magical power. However, the transformation part of the magical girl is genetic so still can't be used.

Central's Military Uniform Edit

The uniform Central magical girls wear contains the following:

1. A uniform called a Shogutenshi Seifuku that looks like this. Their choice of gloves and socks, even wearing them, is optional but must be greyscale or if colored it must be dark and nothing tacky. The socks can be baggy if desired but not baggy enough to be a hindrance. Open toed shoes/socks are allowed, a common choice if they have their ring on a toe.

2. A magical ring to be worn on a finger or toe called a hyouki ring, or simple "the ring". The ring is synced up with the unique energy signal given off by the magical girl's magirite gem. This ring remains on their body for transformation because it's not in the way and is not recognized by the transformation as clothing to be removed. It can be easily sensed by others while the magical girl is giving off energy while transformed, but if they can't sense the ring then that means that magical girl is either not wearing the ring, thus not one of them, or is wearing a stolen ring that is not synced to their magirite gem, so is also an enemy. Of course if she lost the ring she couldn't immediately prove that she was an ally, but they are all on file so they would only have to check the databanks and issue her a new ring. Even if a stolen ring is reconfigured to respond to a different energy signal, that tampering causes the ring to no longer give off the exact same energy signal that an official un-tampered ring issued by Central would have.

3. Hair can by styled however as long as it isn't distracting, the same being said about accessories.

4. Some are given weapons but this is rare. Mostly on guard duty if expecting to fight normal people or weak monsters not worth their magic.

Cloning Edit

Just like in the normal canon, to clone a soul requires a legendary magic, and cloning a magical girl's soul is the only way for the clone to retain the magical powers. The magical girl clones are usually much weaker but can still do serious damage to the average non-magical opponent. Central doesn't make use of magical girl clones because it's illegal.

Dark Magirite Gem Edit

This is type of gem of unknown origin that, when implanted into a magical girl, can take root inside of them and command them for evil purposes. Dark tendrils like veins appear on their skin around their chest where it was inserted and spread out the more power that they're using. The dark magirite gem, nestled in front against her normal magirite gem, is an easy target to locate. If destroyed it's possible to return her back to her senses but this is a very difficult thing to achieve, especially without killing her.

Magical Girl Games Edit

The annual Magical Girl Games, or MGG for short, is where magical girls face off against each other alone or in teams. A group of people working at the event add extra defensive layers around participants so they cannot be killed so easily, only knocked out from what would be killing blows. Once one side is knocked out completely or otherwise unable to battle then the match is over.

This may seem like a miss-use of magical girl time and energy but it's actually very good practice for combating other magical girls and also practice for the people creating the barriers. Thus it does more good than harm including other benefits such as great entertainment value, advertisement to join the magical girls (broadcasting galaxy-wide to show those watching the match how cool they are), and money from revenue to go into the magical girl organization.

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