Class Humanoid mammal
Average height 10'
Average weight 2000 lbs
Color Grey skin, sometimes grey fur
Features Large and muscular, horns on head
Lifespan 200 years
GPI 424
Alliance IGCP
Home world Grimdrof
Sectors 39
Population rank G
Allies Mon Kett, Anolians
Enemies Chutorck, Krunklings

The Borr are a medium-power race, allied to the IGCP (Utrilluun Trinexius). Despite their small population, they maintain a powerful military. All their own planets are in sector 39, but they can be found throughout IGCP territory, mostly serving as elite military personnel.


The Borr are huge, stocky humanoids, who bear similarities to Earth’s rhinoceroses. The average male stands 10 feet tall and weighs over 2000 lbs. Females are slightly smaller at 9’6 and 1800 lbs. They have wide shoulders, a muscular chest, a sizable gut and thick, muscular limbs. Their grey skin is thick, coarse and leathery, especially around the shoulders, elbows, knees and forearms. The so-called southern Borr have no visible hair, while the northern Borr, who adapted to live in the cold climate near Grimdrof’s north pole, have a short, thick coat of grey fur. Due to interbreeding, various intermediate amounts of hair are also possible.

Borr comparison

Size comparison between a male Borr and male Human (5'8)

Their hands have three fingers and a thumb each and their feet are three-toed hooves. Their head, which juts forward from their shoulders rather than upward, is almost identical to that of a rhino. They have a wide mouth full of large square teeth, large widely-spaced nostrils, tiny eyes set on opposite sides of the head and small ears set at the very top. Along the bridge of their nose is a pair of large horns. At the end of their spine is a 2-foot nonprehensile tail.

Females have no breasts, only two barely-visible nipples. Compared to men, they are smaller, have wider hips, smaller horns and slightly smoother skin. The differences are however subtle enough that many outsiders can’t tell the difference.

The Borr’s internal organs are similar to a human’s, except in a few ways. They have increased bone density, allowing them to be bipedal despite their size and weight. Their bowels are longer due to being herbivorous, thus their large gut, and their heart and lungs are exceptionally big and powerful. The horns on their head are made of keratin and will regrow when broken, although slowly.


Borr have an average lifespan of 200 years. Around the age of 170 they begin physically weakening and showing signs of aging, including skin wrinkling, greying and loss of hair, if they had any in the first place.

They breed like most mammals do, producing only one child at a time. The female is pregnant for 16 months and giving birth is very hard on her, thus why they always wait several years between pregnancies, else the mortality rate will skyrocket. Children are born without horns, which start growing at the age of five but don’t reach full size until maturity. They reach maturity at the age of 25.


The Borr value law, order and justice above all, and many dedicate their life to maintaining it. They’re stern, stoic and often humourless, but also friendly in their own way. They believe that any stranger deserves a certain amount of respect until proven otherwise, even members of an enemy faction. However, they don’t care much for formalities or honorifics, so they often unintentionally sound rude to other races. They’re known for making decisions solely based on pros and cons rather than emotion or intuition, which sometimes leads them to taking ethically questionable actions. That being said, they tend to see it as their duty to support and protect those weaker than them, if reasonably possible.

The Borr Hierarchy is a strictly regulated hierarchical meritocracy, meaning people in power are placed there based solely on their competence. At the age of 15 every Borr takes an elaborate standard test to determine their natural strengths and weaknesses, both mental and physical. According to the outcome, they are enrolled into one of multiple paths of education, to be taught in the subjects that will serve them best in their future profession. At 25, another test is taken to determine their competence within their own field, in order to determine their rank within the hierarchy. The government then assigns them a job suitable of their skills, according to where they’re most needed. Every five years after that, they are tested again and their accomplishments in the field are reviewed, in order to determine whether a promotion, demotion or reassignment is in order.

The Hierarchy is also near-communistic. Rather than paying them a salary, the government provides its employees with all their basic needs (food, shelter, healthcare, etc.). Those who do difficult or dangerous jobs do receive certain bonuses, monetary or otherwise, but they are rather minor. This applies even to the high government officials themselves. Rather than for material gain, the Borr are expected to work simply because it’s their duty to support and better the Hierarchy. Both these systems have been criticized by other races for restricting personal freedom and being easily exploitable, but due to the Borr’s nature and small population there are very few cases of unrest or corruption within the Hierarchy.

At the highest rank of the hierarchy is the senate, which is also selected through the standard testing system. Senate member is one of the only professions that one can’t be assigned to right away, no matter their test score. Instead, they have to start at a lower rank within the same field and acquire a certain amount of experience and achievements in order to be selected for the senate.


In their quest for efficiency, the Borr have long ago proclaimed a universal language for the entire Hierarchy, simply called “Borr”. It’s a fairly simple language that sounds stern and to-the-point when spoken. Earthlings may say it sounds somewhat like Russian in terms of pronunciation.


While they’re not necessarily atheistic, the Borr see religion as a distraction that may never get in the way of their duties. There is freedom of religion within the Borr Hierarchy, but very few are hard core in their beliefs.


The Borr are one of the biggest and physically strongest races in the universe. A well trained soldier can lift twice his own body weight, allowing them to wield absurdly heavy armour and weapons. When unarmoured, their thick, tough skin still provides limited protection against blunt force, bladed weapons and even weak firearms.

Arguably their biggest weakness is their eyesight. Their eyes are small and set on the sides of their head. It gives them a wider field of vision, but they have problems with depth perception and simply don’t see as well as many other races, having 20/30 vision. This is part of the reason for their defensive, close-range fighting style. Another weakness is their lack of dexterity as a result of their size.

Magical abilities are extremely rare.


Everyday Borr technology is up to par with other advanced races while doing nothing particularly impressive. It’s their military technology that stands out, due to their long history of conflict against other races.

See List of Borr Tech.



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