Found in sector 61, they're a very important member of the UNT and are most known for their mining ability, the top producer of many materials within the alliance. They were in the Grand Unification War on the side of the Yu Ghreda. Their primary rival was the Phrariuen, but neither side got the upper hand as the Bord was able to hide underground during bombing runs. They have since became rivals that still hold a grudge but also a lot of respect.

Appearance Edit

They are technically two legged but the most common posture is hunched over so that they walk with their hands as well, like a gorilla. Their arms are thicker than their legs, but their entire body is still quite bulky to begin with. Their six fingered hands, complete with long nails, can cup together to act like a shovel. They have large, brownish green eyes on either side of their large squarish head. Their jaws are large with two small tusks sticking out of their bottom jaw. Their nose is made up of two nostrils over their mouth that has a flap over them. They have a tuft of hair running from the top of their head, down their spine, into a small, out of place looking tail. The rest of their grey skin is bare.

While standing hunched over they are a height of 5'8" on average for men and 5'2" average for women.

Birth and Agining Edit

They live to be 180 on average and are adults at 20.

Culture Edit

They are a stubborn people who like doing things their own way, living in the past somewhat. They enjoy making grandiose things in terms of scale.

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