Bleand are a plot type race for in the future.

at this current moment they are hidden away at one of the most far off hidden locations of the galaxy and as such no one will know of their existence!

They possess extremely high IQ's, 4 arms, eyes in the back of their head and a secret black magic.



Bleand are humanoid race with a silver like skin, they possess 2 eyes in the front of their head and 3 in the back of their head and sharp pointed teeth and no nose or ears, they are bald but instead of hear they possess ridges covering their heads, the ridges are always different from individual to individual and act the same as our fingerprints, females possess bigger and more shapely ridges and fuller lips to cover the pointed teeth while the males possess shorter ridges what are placed closer together and have skinny lips that tend to nearly always show the teeth.

They possess a tung which is split at the tip in 3 and their back seems to be more scaled then skin, starting from their necks.

out of their shoulders joints they possess a second set of arms which they use for their magic.

each hand has 5 fingers but they only have 2 two's each foot, instead of body hair at the chest (males) arms and legs they have more ridges, they possess no hairs at all aside eye lashes.

Females possess 4 breasts, two next to each other with a second set underneath them, though this is hardly seen as generally lower class females wear clothes that bind the 4 together making them seem like very large breasts, though they normally never go past a D cup, though there have been a few rare cases where the biggest were sets of full H cups (these females cannot wear the normal clothes and are forced to wear more bikini like clothings)

Males private parts are also covered in ridges and they carry their balls inside their body meaning they dont possess a sack, just a ridged member.

Livespan/ childbirth and aging:Edit

Bleand always gives birth to twins and in rare cases even quadripples, never single or triples or more then 4, pregnancy and birth tend to never have any issues or anything.

After giving birth a female stays inside their home as they are forced to keep their breasts attached to a milker, this is because their breasts will start to make a constant amount of milk with no end for 4 months, their children due to this are always fed a bottle.

further they age and have the same live expectancy as humans, but they keep their physical vitality of the age of 20 far into the 80's, after that they start to age quickly, gaining 60 years of aging in only 10 years before dying as their heart give out being unable to stand the rapid aging.


In general they are a war minded race giving status ranking based on strategy or combat abilities.

Members are aimed to dress based on their rank, only high ranking members are free to dress as they please.

lower classes are supposed to cover themself up more and the higher the renk the more revealing the clothing becomes as it allowes better movement.

also the dumbest members of this race have an IQ of at least 150.

Due to their intelect they have already established that in the galaxy there are supposed to be many races, their estimation is frightningly close if not spot on


The Bleand dont have a large amoung of history as due to their high intelect they have devolped to this stage rather quickly, in the last 100 years they have kept to their own planet in its hidden off location to perfect their war ships, even though they only have space tech for 100 years they are already on the same tech level as the largest and most advanced races that can be found in the galaxy, perhaps even rising somewhat above them in certain regards such as weapon typing, cloaking and defense and without a doubt mixing tech and magic.


As they kept to their own world and never ventured out into space they never learned the langauges of other races, only having their own, however they can learn a new langauge in a very short time, with some of them even in regard to just hearing a few lines to pick up the basics and learn the rest from there on during a conversation.




The Bleand possess no real special abilities aside having 4 arms and able to see behind them at the same time as they can see in front of them, granting them two types of vision at the same time.


The Bleand possess a magic type they have created them self, its in its own way unique but other people can learn it if they can somehow come in possession of one of the books.

To use the magic however there are rules and different ranks.

-to learn the lowest rank of the secret magic you need to have learned a magic of the same base type, meaning to learn the secret version rankings of the fire, you need to have learned normal fire magic to start with.

-the magic needs to be used with restraint as it can have different negative effects on the user if they are not mentually prepaired (the Bleand have been prepaired for this magic since the age of 5), in general these effects can be from mental damage to the phych, physical damage to the brain, to physical damage in various ways and various degrees to bruises, internal bleeding, bones breaking under the strain, wounds burns and even magic poisoning, yet one of the biggest dangers is the curruption of the mind, making them lose their morallity and even there feelings of regret, this happens into various degrees, more unprepaired exposure means more corruption, though as long as the corruption is still not too much it can be restored with enough rest in between uses and getting more prepaired to use the magic without its side effects.

-(more rules can be added if it need be)

the ranks of this magic are as follow:

-natural: the basic magic needed to learn the secret one, such as normal fire magic

-Black: The magic spells used normally turn black and gain much more power then normal

-Black <element>: next stage is to use the basic black magic to create new techniques, these tend to focus its power into the palm and then can be launced in different means, for example a Black Thunder spell could be used as a explosive bolt, send into the sky to make it rain down a cage of black thunder from the sky that after encasing can send a new bolt from the sky in it the cage, its powers will be lessend by the number of cage bolts that the sky has placed, making hititng a larger creature harder to wound or even only able to capture, but for Black Thunder its most powerful attack would be to focus the entire bolt into the palm of the hand and slam it into the target, instant electrocution in most cases.

-Dark: Adds a poison effect to the magics

-Shadow: a specialist type where the spells work by moving though shadows, making them nearly invisible, but has the limit of not working in dark places.

-Void: the highest rank, the spells can be enhanced by creating a void, something along the line of a black hole but without the sucking effect (though certain spells who already possess such a trait can still do that), the effects of the spells natural workings and how the void is added all depens on the user and how the spell could accept it in general.



Religion and Military:Edit


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