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Black hair, a Neon blue eye right and a yellow eye left, a scar covering his entire backside (from a sword attack), a tattoo like print on both hands, on the back side, a black panther on the right hand and a anaconda on the left hand, further nothing interesting.



Home world:



Currently none


Tribe warrior


He has a great control of magic using an unbreakable artifact short sword and is born with 2 animals instead of just one, a large black panther with pure black void like eyes and neon blue details (as his irises pattern and lining around the pupil and all is neon colored) and a giant anaconda, able to partially transform, great warrior, using different weapons and utilizing his natural born insincts, talents and powers rather well.


He is not all that social, not in a rude way but more secluded and reserved, having his own thoughts, at times these thoughts can be for the well being of others but still he shuts people out, he has a hard time dealing with grieve and other bad things, trying to run away from them more then just accept it. Due to this he also tends to do things by himself, taking on more then he can handle in cases.

his magical talents tend to break the objects he uses quickly due to a too high output, also he has a spell to heal others but at a cost of his own live energy, not shorting his live but it drains him heavenly, as that most of his spells are powerful but drain to much for him, blocking his partial shifts and magic uses.

Also he had put a lot of his trusts into his partial shifts, having almost no skills build for fighting without it.

in order to shift he needs to undress, which is not much of a weakness, but has left him kinda simple when it comes to nude matters, hard to ger arroused and not caring much for being naked himself, even in a room full of females.

Biological characteristics:

The tattoo like prints are things he was born with, just as with his eyes, this is due to his parents having been siblings, stacking up the Mygrians natural powers, basically giving him the powers of 2 people in one body.


Blake is able to shift into either the giant anaconda like snake (who he has no idea what type of snake om his planet it belongs too) or into the black panther, he has to undress for the panter however as it will destroy his (only?) piece of clothes he has.

More often he focus on partial shifting, growing parts or changing parts to gain a specific traits of one or even both animals while in human shape, such as panther eyes or ears, a snakes tung, limber body or panther muscules for quick movement, as simply panther claws as finger nails.


Blake is quite gifted in the use of magic, but aside for one spell, like all Mygrain's he needs to use a medium for his spells, in general he can use every item but due to a too high output, most mediums would break, so he uses a rare unbreakable short sword.

Using this medium he has quite the powerful spells but after the real powerful ones it jams his magiwave based abilities, preventing him from using magic and partial shifting, he needs to rest or relax a little and eat in order to recover from this.

His only non medium spell actually uses his own live energy as a medium, draining him physically and mentally a lot and forcing him to rest, sleep and eat a lot.


An unbreakable short sword (medium), 2 katars and a short thick staff he has on his back that secretly holds 3 swords.


When he was just a baby he was found by one of the elders at the edge of the tribe (the name of the city/ place they all live), it was clear that Blake was the child of a banished member but as a small baby can not be hold responsible for its parents flaws he was taken in by the elder that found him with care and love.

In reality it was not his parent that was banished but his grandfather, who had 2 children, both have been talked into by their father of never getting into the city and as they, a boy and a girl, were both the only ones they have ever seen, it was not weird for them to eventually have sex and with it conceived Blake...

Unable to take care of him and wanting the small child to have a good live, they for the first time ever, neglected their fathers upbringing and brought the small child to the tribe, before leaving him there...

The elder that took Blake in was the head of the village, a rare member that could transform into a mythical creature and with that the perfect foster parent to help the boy who had 2 shapes...

in time Blake became one of the greatest warriors of the tribe and a lot of females wanted him, if not for love then they wanted a child of the rare Mygrain who had 2 animals.

But Blake had turned them all down.

In fact, between the warriors, who could house both male and female, there had often been talk about sex, where young warriors talked about their bodys and what they liked, teaching each other things, some went far enough to show things and some even went so far as to touch or just do it.

Blake only touched a womans breasts once or twice and never participated in these conversations.

Why is not truly clear but it seems he would rather wait for his special mate then join in on loveless mating.

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