to start with, all animals on the planet BlackLight are black colored to blend into the planet's black nature, and have a way to survive of poisonness plants and the planets cold klimate.

the more noticeble animals will be listed for now:

-Liffiatun: this sea serpant like beast with arms, lives in a lot of the sweet water pounds and lakes, able to live outside the water in the cold as even under water in the boiling area's this carnivourius beast attack's anything that gets in the water, drinks from the water and catches its eyes, it seems to be able to live without food for a long time and is the cause why almost no fishes exists on the planet, it is also the only animal that is not pure black of scales and seem to have some unknown range attack, having killed creatures that were running away from the pound at high speed, after this the beast crawls out of the water to collect its next meal, the only thing you can find after this is a blood trail and wet snow going from and back into the water.

-Gagoot: an animal that seems to recemble a strange black mix between sheep and goat, these gentle herbivore's seem to be immune to any kind of poison and have an uniqe fur that is able to controll body tempratures, if they were to lose the fur and stay outside, they will freeze in seconds as they are not able to regulate their temprature internally, they are very fast and have horns but never uses them, they have been collected by the S'shauran for the fur, but the wild ones are often prey for the Liffiatun.

-Sshirrrambarrra : a legend in the S'shauran story's, but seem to be true.


as with the animals, all plants are black, but a very few are eatible due to poison's

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