BlackLight is a planet in the center of sector 25, and homeworld of the S'shauran.

due to S'shaurans have never botherd to give the planet a name it is called BlackLight by other races due to the BlackLights that are in orbit giving some feint light to the planet surface.


As all planets in the sector, BlackLight has no sun, yet it is not a frozen planet due to its core being close to its surface making the planet cold (5 degree's) but habital.

the planet has no oceans or rivers but a lot of sweet water lakes and pounds, the water surface is cold, deep under water it is hot and deeper boiling, but inbetween it is a very nice temprature, trough swimming is dangerous due to most waters having the creature known as:  Liffiatun .

the planet is made completly out of black rocks and planets, everything on the planet is black, even the snow.

Planet contantEditEdit

On the planet are multiple towns, that seem to have a connection to some portal, but no one (of outside the planets races) know how the portals work and non can look as the are always gaurd at the portal.

but most of the planet is covered by nature, black plants and black animals.

most plants are not suited for eating due to them being poisonness.

for a list of (known) animals see: creature page (BlackLight animals )

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