BlackDiamond is a specific ship of the Shiira meant for stealth missions mostly, but good as war ship and explorer.

there are an unknown number of these active right now.

as a stand alone type there will be no known versions or series, meaning there is no need to give a list about what makes a BlackDiamond a BlackDiamond.

the ships are flat triangular and made out of Black Diamonds


Length: 50 m

Width: 50 m

Height: 25 m


-engin: ellectrose core crystal

-live support: 

-oxiodentise crystals*

-ellectrose crystals*

-Defenses: black Diamond hardend ellectrose armor and shielding, able to block kinettic attacks and deflect energy attacks.

-Black diamond cloaking

-sensor/ radar: High space vision specialist

(* seeList of Shiira tech)

weapons: offensive:

-ellectrose bomb

weapons: defensive:

-Ellectrose overload

weapons: others:

-graviton spin

hangerbay: Single bay with exists on both sides of the ship

-1 stealth glide wing

-crystal fruits storage

Crew: 2:

-1 high space vision specialists/ co-pilot

-1 pilots/ captian

for any information about Shiira tech not linked: list of Shiira tech

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