Here's a beginner's guide that features all of the basic information you need to know to get involved within Andreemea. This guide will give both a smaller explanation of what things are as well as links to the more in depth reading for additional information once you understand all of the basics. If you don't see basic information here that you would like to know, feel free to ask me about it and it will be added here as needed. If you know of basic information that I have yet to post then you may add it yourself.

Main Heroes and Villains? Edit

The main heroes in all of this are likely the UNT, an alliance of different races that are basically there to create galaxy-wide peace, having narrowly averted annihilation before it's formation. Of course it also depends on the specific story in question who might end up being the heroes.

The most important ship for the heroes could possibly be the Exeralune (at least important as far as the story is concerned). Therefore, if you participate in a roleplay here you might expect to become a crewmember of this ship at some point. Of course it also depends on the specific story in question so many of them may have no reference to this ship at all.

The villains are going to be the most various depending on the story. However, major rivals to the UNT is the GAN Empire, serving as a long lasting rival not always in direct conflict, and the more antagonistic rebel forces known as NOVE.

Technology Edit

The technology of Andreemea varies depending on the different alien races, so some may still use medieval weapons while others are using lasers. This is not a hard sci-fi, meaning that there's more leeway to have some not entirely realistic technology as long as it seems reasonable enough without getting into huge scientific formulas and physics. That being said there can be gigantic space stations, energy forming together into weapons, shield generators, dogfighting in space, faster than light travel, etc.

Lasers are actual realistic lasers while laser guns that you're thinking of from things like Star Wars still exist, just not called lasers (by anyone who knows better).

This category leads to all the different technology that has been posted so far (obvious technology such as toasters aren't included). Specific technology that you may find very important are as follows:

Anti-Gravitational Field Generator


Elzion Particle based technology

Weapon Types Guide

Magic Edit

Magic exists due to manipulation of what are known as Magiwaves. This category has all the different magical related pages posted so far. Important magic related pages worth noting are as follows:

Aliens Edit

There are going to be a ton of alien races that can be found in this category. They can take on a wide variety of appearances both big and small but humanoid/near human is acceptable as well. Humans are not unique to Earth, and those from Earth are called Earthlings more than human, although they're still human. Earthlings are not really that important to the grand scheme of things other then the fact that they have garnered some amusement for being from another galaxy.

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