Axel Zech


The Reaper


Unknown, he looks 17, physically he seems to be 34 (according to a medical report ), time in stasis pod is unknown but can be guessed to be thousands of years.




Unknown, he calls himself a Kari just in order to have some kind of racial name.



Axel Zech the man

Normally you would only see him (if he is visible) with a hooded cloak, the only thing you can see are the glowing blue lights that are his eyes (turn red of he is angry) (he has no eye white or pupil)

The cloak is damaged, raffled and thorn on the bottom to give a very grim reaper look, especially with the scythe he has.

under the cloak however, there is a white skinned person with blue short hair

BUT this is his general looks (more about that in the Ability section)

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The Reaper is annoyed


Generally he shows two sides, most will see the reaper's personality (acting like a death god, has no emotions), but if he takes this off you will see that he is different in his normal live

but due to living his live mostly as the reaper, as he has more personality's (abilitie section again) he is not sure who he is and he is more believing that he is the reaper, a calm killing machine with no other thoughts

so you can say to him that he can be nice if he is under his normal way (not reaper) and he would start to wonder about this, and if he can think of any moments that might proof that he will starts to doubt about himself

Home world:

he has none as far as he knows


none, unless you count assassin guilds.


ultimate class assassin in general.


skilled in hand to hand combat and melee weapon combat (using the scythe and swords but also fighting sticks), able to lock away his emotions, fast learner and adaptable, knowledge able about a lot of 'techs' but also knowledge about magic (see Magiwave), very good trained instincts.

He has a unique body with a lot of unique ability’s and able to utilize them perfectly, also counts for the abilities some items can have that he gets in his hands, making him in general an escape artist.


when he is living in his free time he can start doubting his existence, doubting who he is, where he is from, why he lives and more, he can be a bit overconfident but that is due to him always succeeding, he can be curious and throw he keeps hiding himself will speak to those that spike his interest even though he is on the job, he never cares about situations when doing his job, even if it makes a spectacle, due to his history bit he has a lot of questions and knows very little about himself.

Biological characteristics:

when he get agitated or plain out angry the eye color changes from blue to red, the stronger the emotion the brighter the color, as during this they seem to give off a terrifying fright due small changes in their faces, there skin has a unique structure, they have 3 hearts each working interdependent of the other, meaning if one gets stabbed or something they will get knocked out and seem dead, but their other hearts will keep beating so the person will get up after a little while, this seems to have no other side effects as they only really need one heart to live, the hearts are located: 2 in the chest, one in the same place as a human heart, one on the other side of the chest mirroring the first, the last heart is a placed somewhere between the head and neck and is smaller then the other 2 but equally strong.

Beyond that he is basically similar to humans.


He can turn his skin black and due to the black skin he is very hard to see in dark area's, only his eyes are visible and give a very scary vibe (like a ghost)

He has a strong sense of hearing.

The main ability and not connected to the black skin, or being a sense matter, is that they have a high recovery power, healing wounds faster then humans, especially big, deep wounds, no scars, no infections and quick to recover from sickness and poisons, however if the a heart gets stabbed this ability stops working on the wounds he has at this moment, leaving the heart 'dead' with no chance of recovering, the other wounds will not heal at that moment until the person wakes up, but by then will recover slower and leave scars

his Skin has a still sleeping ability that will awaken eventually based on the situation he gets in (see: (Unknown Race) Kari)

for some reason he has an un-normal amount of knowledge about tech and more, same as the fighting instincts and everything and it seems to be implanted into him, making it so that even if he loses his memory’s again he will never forget these things.

Like the Glaizart he can understand any language as if it was his own and others can understand him as if he was speaking in their own, same goes for reading texts


Axel has not learned any magic and seems to be uninterested in it.


a grim reaper like robe, the lost weapon Reapeath , a Elzion Long sword  hidden on his back and a short sword strapped to his lower back in a horizontal position.

From Reapeath he has learned the following powers:

-controlling the user’s gravity (currently only to the degree: extreme acrobatics)

-allowing the user to stick to anything

-invisibility (can also work on one or more specific objects like the scythe itself to hide it from view while the user can walk around like normal)

-increased speed

-the weapon can grow and shrink in size to allow the user to walk around normally without having to hold the weapon all the time, yet still have it with him


Axel first memories were waking up in a stasis pod, he instantly knew how to open the thing and took a walk around the room.

He checked the machine that was connected to the stasis pod, finding out his real name and his ability’s, finding out that he was some kind of experiment, but all other data was classified and he was unable to open the files.

He checked the room some more and found a heavy armored casing with a heavy lock, yet just as with the stasis pod he instantly knew how to open the thing, he started to realize that aside the physical abilities that he had according to the files, they seemed to have implanted knowledge into his brain of certain things.

Inside the casing he found a huge scythe decorated with skulls, he read the text on the casing to find out the weapons name “reapeath”

Taking the weapon for his own, he explored what soon he found out to be a space station , completely abandoned, until he found a hangar with a very black ship docked in it.

Stepping in the ship he started it up, activating its DNA scanner to make the ship his own, feeling that the ship was his to start with as he knew precisely how to instill its settings so it would accept him as the owner, he then flew off, leaving the station for good.

In due time he started to live as an assassin, same as with the tech knowledge this was imprinted into his brain, his reason to be, but with all these things doubts started to shape, why was he an assassin, what had they done to him, what kind of race was he, why did they had such a ship, why was the space station abandoned and why has he never found anything near the station and ships tech anywhere, having traveled through space yet all the tech he has seen after leaving was so much lower of grade, still, he has his way of live for now and eventually he hopes to find out the truth about him.

In 1 year however he has become one of the biggest names in the galaxy, The ultimate assassin “Reaper”

A name to be spoken about with fear, even those wishing to hire him fear the name, the name was due to his robe and scythe giving him the appearance of the grim reaper and the fact that he can disappear and cannot be caught apparently while always succeeding on his job made some people believe that he is the real grim reaper turned physical, what also explained how he just appeared from nowhere.

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