Auro is a planet in the outer corner of sector 35, and homeworld of the Ainant


The planet has a lot of jungle and dessert area's as there are 3 suns giving a nice amount of warmth but preventing it from ever becoming night.

it possess fast sea's directly connected to jungles, riviers flow trough the jungles while the area's where no riviers reach have turned into dessert area's

there are also a large amount of mountains and vulcano's.

It possess 1 moon that can give a full sollar eclips once every thousands years.

Planet contantEdit

This planet possess a large amount of natural animals, most living in the jungles.

Among these is an large lizzard called Drayz which are the ancesters of the Ainant, and 2 other races.

of these animals there are a lot similar to the animals on earth.

In the mountaints, vulcano's and desserts you can certain breeds of dragons

all vegitation are jungle and mountain type plants.

All Ainant citys can be found at different locations, there are also a few villages such as farmlands and other more medival like villages.

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