Name: Astraia Hartwell

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Race: Xern Human

Homeworld: Xern

Position: Combat Medic


Personality: Astraia's easy-going enough that it gets her into trouble sometimes, as her personality doesn't mesh all that well with the strict nature of military life, especially in regards to things like the chain of command, and authority figures in general. She learned how to take orders well enough to not get kicked out, though, but typically respects action and example well over rank and the weight of a name.

In fact, she places very little importance on organizations of any kind. Astraia likes to interact with people one at a time, and judge them based on what they do, not what they are or what faction they're aligned with. She values helping others immensely, and can be a bit hot-headed and a little stubborn if she feels she's being forced into doing something that isn't for the good of the people around her. She joined up to help, not to oppress.

Apart from her work, Astraia's laid back and casual, fond of a good time, and a bit of a tomboy in her preferences. She loves physical activity, likes a stiff drink, won't hesitate to flirt if she thinks it'll be fun, and in general will be the first to laugh at something in a room full of people. It makes her a lot of friends, even if most of them aren't the unlucky people who have to give her orders.

Abilities: Astraia's a medic, her expertise being in the treatment of combat wounds, though her job is usually a patchwork one, to hold things together until someone who isn't getting shot at can fix 'em up better. To that end, she has a number of gadgets for quickly sealing up wounds, stopping bleeding, counteracting burns... really most anything that's needed to keep a warm body from becoming a cold one. Unless you're cold-blooded. She can work with that, too. She knows a wide variety of alien anatomy, and can fix most of them up just right.

For combat, she's nothing special, and usually leaves that to the guys who like shooting things. That said, she's more than capable of defending herself. She's a good shot, and carries a few grenades of a nerve agent capable of dropping most organic forms limp to the ground, unconscious. She's not a fan of killing, but she's willing and able to do it if it means protecting herself, or someone on her team.

Equipment: A combat rifle with spare magazines, a belt of nerve grenades, her medical supplies in her backpack, a combat knife, and light battle armor. Accessorizes as needed depending on location and mission.

Biography: Astraia will be quick to tell you that there's nothing interesting in her past, and probably give you the short version: she's human, uninteresting, and the past doesn't matter. She's more interested in the future, anyway.

There are some obvious complications, though. She was born on Xern, which is in her files, and did not learn either her medical expertise or her combat skills from the IGCP. It's not clear when exactly she left the GAE, what she did while she was there, and what drove her to get away. Her files are a bit sparse on the detail there.

Since leaving, however, she volunteered her medical and combat expertise to the IGCP military, and was eventually accepted as a combat medic, and assigned to the Exeralune after serving in several smaller capacities elsewhere.

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