He's a 20 year old Selva from their capital planet of Finora, being from an influential family. However, he turned into a bounty hunter and left for unknown reasons stemming from a dislike for his father.

Personality Edit

He strives to be independent and in charge of his own destiny, a manly tough guy who can take on anything that comes his way. Unfortunately, who he wants to be doesn't necessarily align with who he really is, which is a total pushover who has trouble saying no to anything so often gets taken advantage of and stuck in ridiculous situations one after the other. He became a bounty hunter to avoid his family so he wouldn't feel like he had to keep doing whatever it was they told him to do due to his father being too power hungry in his eyes. Having a bad feeling about things he decided to take efforts to become a different person then he once was and thwart whatever it was his father was planning for him.

He makes a lot of mistakes but he keeps trying to improve himself and pushing forward, never giving up even when things look bleak. He might not be the most optimistic but he does really try to find the good in things and perhaps have a little bit of fun.

He's usually kind but can get grumpy on occasion if things don't really go his way or he's inconveniencly mistaken for a female, which is often.

Appearance Edit


One of Arma's outfits. The drawing is cartoon-like in style so he has normal human proportions, albeit slender.

He's often mistaken for a girl and was tricked by his "friend" back on his home world about what is masculine and feminine in the eyes of outsiders, which doesn't help this fact in the slightest. Nobody has told him the error of his ways yet, thinking it's either too obvious or too embarrassing to point out.

He had tons of fancy outfits back home but settled on something more plain, yet still incredibly well made and expensive, for his travels.

Abilities Edit

He's very nimble and flexible, able to flip and spin around in combat with ease. His reactions are very quick as well. He's skilled in swordplay with single or dual or swords. He can use light magic, so far only knowing how to create a flash of light to temporarily blind someone if they look into it or to send clusters of light energy shooting off his body or things on his possession to do some minor damage, mostly as a distraction or to wound people non-fatally.

Equipment Edit

Two small and slender, greenish-silver, single edged swords with a shiny finish and runes covering them. One is slightly larger than the other but they work well as a set. He also has a small magitec pistol that can fire his magiwave energy out.

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