is one of the 3 strongest and most legendary weapons the Glaizart race has ever made.

together with Katirana the katana and Reapeath the scythe.

Ariana after being made is given to Alexandra (wife of Zeke, the founder of the Zeke clan) the weapon has been in the hands of the Genetic bloodline's govermant after her death.

the weapon's current location is: given to the Limites bloodline as a sign of peace when the last war ended and the age of economic growth started.

Ariana is made as a Celtic short sword:


my most prided painting due to the massive details, depicting the legendary short sword Ariana

a golden handle with black gemstones, a very rare blue gemstone in the end of the handle that seems to resonate with Glaizart aura's, a extreem sharp blade with a grove in the back on both sides and aintient (and lost) glaizart text inscribed in the blade

its holster is made the same as the handle but instead of black gemstone its made with wood.


Ariana is the blade known also as the controller, it has some telekinetic and telepathic abilitys such as:

the blade is able to:

-opening any type of lock by the energy of the blade

-shifting light objects by the blades energy

-paralyzing anything that is stabbed with the energy extension of the blade

-fill the blade with holy light that can be shot, increased to illuminate an area, deal large damage to anything that is weak to it

-heal large wounds by stabbing into it (leaving only the blade wound afterwards)

-create a small but powerful shield

the gem is able to:

-hypnotising people with the energy of the blue crystal on the handle's end into telling the truth

-hypnotising people into doing small tasks

-hypnotising people to erase memorys or even completely blank a persons mind

-put people in a coma state

-put people to sleep

-learn people skills the user has learned

-make people see things trough other people eyes or copy what someone has seen into the blades memory for the same use

-take away skills and powers people have

there might be more powers that have yet to be found

Old usersEdit


nicknamed: the saint

she was Zeke's wife and also founder of the Zeke clan, she was given the blade and used mostly its holy, protective ability's, she lived 140.000 years ago

-unknown name

nicknamed: the mastermind

an user that lived about 46300 years ago, this person used the blades hypnotic powers, set its place in history but for some reason end the end of his/ her time used the blades power in a way thought impossible (and since has still been proved impossible, making this person the only one able to do this)

the person used the blade's hypnotic power worldwide in one use, deleting the a 1000 years of history out of all glaizarts mind and setting their entire technical growth back to nearly nothing.

no one can remember what or who this person was after this but the act was so big that only that remained, giving the user the nickname mastermind

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