Ardative (pronounced as Arr-dapt-ive) are a bug like race with a high adaptibility ability.


Ardative are often hard to discribe as they come in different shapes but like all bug they have a hard exo-skeleton, 4 arms and 2 legs (being humanoid) taken up to the normal bug like 6 legs, 3 fingers on each hand and 3 toes on each foot, their head is cubical where the muzzle is much smaller then the back of the head with yellow eyes.

They come if different dark colors, but mostly in shades of black, dark brown or dark green.

They have sharp carnivoric teeth and a long sharp and hollow tung with an opening in the point able to drain liquids.

Often they are between 1.70 and 2 meters high with a weight that is double that of a avarage human for that same height.

Livespan/ Childbirth and Aging:Edit

The livespan differs depending on the parental genetics that were given to the child, trough they dont seem to age but just die off at old(?) age.

Childbirth is an interesting system for the Ardative's, they mate much like most animals, having intercourse, trough they are extremely violent during intercourse, something that wont be a problem between Ardatives due to the exo-skeleton, but other races with soft skin will leave the mating covered in scratches, bruises and possible broken bones, worst case, the soft skin mate wont survive the intercourse at all.

The interesting parts is that they chose which genetics they give their child, trough its not that with facial features but more of all the adaptions they went trough, chose the best for their unborn child and give them that, trough they can never give all adaptions they have collected themself to the child, it is still a big starter for the unborn child.

The female would then go her natural way, no matter what that was and after about a month will the egg be ready.

The female will still not show any signs of pregancy aside having a lime green slime at her but.

Laying the egg involves the female from cutting open her lower body with her fangs and pushing the egg out, the female will not die from this and after a year can breed again.

Often as they cant mate during this recovery time they end up being extremely horny and there have been situations where they cant control themself while looking for a good mate, ending up jumping the first male they see.

the female will leave the egg after having layed it, but in a protective concoon.

The child will hatch from the egg after about 1 or 2 weeks, feed on the concoon and will then be left to fend for itself.


They dont have a real culture, mostly taking up what they learn from other races trough their adaption ability.

But they have a few traditions, when considering child birth its rare for them to take love into acount, instead they look at what would be good genes for the child, in rare cases do they mate because of love or with an other race (most other races would be less worthy unless they possess a rare trait and the parent Ardative would want a 100% chance that the child get that trait as other races cant chose what they give).

After giving birth they leave the child for itself, this is one of the reasons they control the genes they give the child.


Ardatives have a biological memory but never talk to others about their history.

But it is save to say that they have not had a easy past.

The Ardatives that you can see now are just 10% of the number that once existed.

Thousands of years ago their home world was destroyed by some unknown cause, only a few sruvived due to varies means, such as having jumped on a space ship prior before the destruction, or a rare few that were able to survive in the cold empty space untill found.

Currently their numbers are diminishing as they generally travel as stowaways on space ships and just have to find each other by pure chance in order to mate troughout the galaxy.


Ardatives speak by making chirping and klicking sounds but can adapt to use any other langauge.


Ardative has no (more) personal Tech, but using their ability can take over other races tech.


Ardatives are called hightly adaptible but you never hear about how they adapt.

The sharp pointed tung with the opening for liquids is connected to this, the tung is sharp enough to stab trough bone and exo-skeletons, once it stabs into a living creature they can suck out genetic material, after having drained material from a target, or multiple targets, they need to concoon themself and after a week wake up.

During the period of being concooned they are activally analyzing the new genetic materials they absorbed and work on setting up these new possible traits in their own body.

using this they can drain a human in order to learn the human tung, drain a large bird in order to grow bug wings and more.

The creature however has to be of considarble size or it wont have enough genetic materials to absorb, also those that get drained will die in the process.

Also they have the power to sense each other of they are in a speciviv range in order to mate.

They can chose the genetic materials they want to adapt themself with but also chose the genetic materials they give their child, making a child able to be born with wings while the parent would only have had wings for a week or so.

there skeleton is as hard as bone and very sturdy.

They have 4 arms...


from nature they are unable to use magic and can only learn magic by absorbing a genetic user and taking over their natural born magic


As Ardatives home world has been destroyed they live everywhere.

Religion and military:Edit

They have no religon and no military as they live as random.

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