Aracnoss are the sister race of the Aracnia and the mother race of the more deadly Racurren .

As with its sister race they are Spider based creatures, however compared to the paracite traits of the Aracnia, Aracnoss are large and powerful without having to mutate other races into their ranks.

(Fun fact; the name is taken from the spider queen who was featured in a "Doctor Who" episode but with an A added in front, this is cause the idea is inspired from the Racnoss and with it a referance and tribute to the Doctor)

Appearance and BiologyEdit

Aracnoss are giant spider creatures that come in 4 colors: gray, brown, black and red.

The basic spider back body/ butt where they can create spiderwebbing from is the base of their body, from this section they have their legs growing from under the sides.

These legs have 5 joints (counted from the base where they are stuck to the body), are hairy and very hard and durable.

They both have 2 stomachs, one in the second base (the primary one) and an other larger one in the base, food that is too big for the main gets pushed into the second stomach.

Aracnoss are between twice and tripple the size in height compared to humans.

they have a tong that secrates toxic poisons and a strong spit gland in it to fire the poison as a bullet.

Aracnoss do not breath and their bodies can withstand the pressure of space, making them able to live without any gear in space.

There eyes can see in the dark and are fully black

From here on the bodies change by gender:


Females have a slender snake like midframe from the base, this is where all other bodyparts are attached to and is the second base, it is also here that all vital organs are located, meaning you can remove the back and she can live (through she would lose her second stomach and thus must feed on smaller foods)

From the snake like body they have 3 pairs of large breasts hanging freely, spanning between D anf F cup sizes (if they were of human size), these always are grayish in color.

Their arms are like their legs but less hairy and only 2 joints; shoulder and elbow.

The tip of the arms however are pure muscule and can move in various ways to enable the most out of the ability to stick to stuff, allowing them to serve as one fingered hands.

Inside the lower arm are a large amount of sharp spikes hidden that can be forced out and act like a saw sword.

They have a neck and a chin, their mouths can move much as a humans but are closed and covered with 6 spike shaped protusions that allow for speach and forcing food inside, they have no ears or nose (they do have holes where they should have ears), the back of the head stick out and eyes starting from where they should be with humans and an other pair 2 centimeters higher up and an other pair again 2 cm up for a total of 6 pairs (12 eyes)


Males have a centipede like midframe from the base (including the exoskalaton armor), this is where all other bodyparts are attached to and is the second base, it is also here that all vital organs are located, meaning you can remove the back and he can live (through he would lose his second stomach and thus must feed on smaller foods)

Their arms are like their legs but less hairy and only 2 joints; shoulder and elbow.

From the elbow joint they have two lower arms ending in a pincer shape.

The tip of the arms however are pure muscule and can move in various ways to enable the most out of the ability to stick to stuff, allowing them to serve as one fingered hands.

Males have sharp points they can stick out from the tips of their arms, these tips are laced with a paralysis toxic to get the most out of their pincer build lower arm system.

Compared to the females, Males dont have a actual neck and their head starts from between the shoulders sticking out (they do have a neck joint allowing their heads to move up and down and lift and right), their head is more bullet shaped and lack a chin, instead they have the same kind of fangs you can see on real spiders, laced with an other and more potent paralysis poison, strong enough to even stop the heart.

as with the famales they dont have a noce or ears but do have holes to serve as ears, their eyes also have a different pattern, starting from the base point and then follow a diagonal marquise shape.

Their genitalia are on the base between the front legs, in order to mate they need to bend backwards with their second base to push it forward, which causes the genitalia to be pushed from the orifice where it normally hides (through with their slender bodies, they can still get close and face to face)

Birth and AgingEdit

Aracnoss tend to have an actual mating season where the males fight between each other over the females, yet once a female has been won, they will be mates for live and even show signs of love in the long run, through they dont have a concept of this in their culture.

When a Female Aracnoss has been impregnated, they will show a white bulge under their base body between their 8 legs, from here on when they sit they have to sit on their legs to keep the eggs inside the bulge save, when they reach the end of their pregnancy they cannot sit or move anymore as the bulge has grown to a full size sack spanning between the legs.

Once the children are fullgrown, they will tear open the sack and crawl out in groups of 12, however only 6 will reach maturehood as the moment they are born they will start to fight between each other for the right to feed on their mothers breasts, only the strongest 6 will earn the right and survive.

The thorn sack will after a day shred off and the stomach will be restored, through it will take a week before the spiders fur is grown back, showing the otherwise pure white skin.

Aracnoss females will start to lactrate a week before the children are born, this will become clear as the breasts swell up without increasing in cup size (they will instead become fuller and start standing up as if they are fake) and begin leaking heavily.

Newborns are more spider like in build and lack any indications of gender, they also lack the mouth types that belong to males of females and instead have a group of smaller tendrils which can suck out their mothers milk, each child will have their own breast and by natural instincts will never drink from an siblings breast.

Newborns have a height of a koffie table and the size fitting this, lack the second base or arms.

As they age they will slowly grow and change into their adult shapes, the first is the mouth that is grown in their gender based shape, from which point they join their parents in the hunt for real food.

Aracnoss can age up to 200 years old while remaining their physical strength, only their poisons and other abilities such as sticking to walls and such will get weaker in their last 20 years.

Only when a Aracnoss becomes unable to make webbing will they know they will have just a week to live.



Aracnoss are predatory hunters who dont mind to toy with their prey and likes to scare sentient creatures the most when they are hungry.

this makes deplomatic relations and social interactions rather though, but not impossible, in general if one makes a notice far in advance or have enough firepower at hand to force the Aracnoss will keep themself backwards and accept interactions, however from there on all things can happen.


Aracnoss has no real military but hardly need one considering their nature.

however they have had a military in the past due to bad relationships with their sister and child races, while they dont have any Military now, if the need rises they can instantly create a new one in a matter of seconds.

In case of such a need they also tend to have exercises for various situations once every year (each year an other one)


Aracnoss speak plain Anolo and English but also have a their own language which is made from sceeching sounds, the sounds are often enough rather short and loud, but are made from various complex sound combinations and underlaying tones that cannot be heard with normal ears.

They also use their threads to communicate in their own version of morse code.


Aracnoss live on two settlements on 3 planets, these planets all are jungle planets in the same solar system (section #)

The settlements are fully made from webbing and span various terrein types, such as caves, mountains and the jungle itself but in a way that you hardly can see what is what as its made so thick that you cant see the sun's light through it.

The planets are connected by large and firm made webbing tubes which serve as means to travel from one planet to an other.

Both settlements are connected by a web made path across the planet.

The planets:

Mirian (closest to the sun)

Mirian possess a unique plant with medicial values that is only found on this planet and used in various important medications, however Aracnoss dont like to allow other races to harvest these herbs, meaning they have to be harvested without the Aracnoss knowing of it, lucky enough the plants grow remotely away enough that the chances to come across a Aracnoss is 1 in a million.

Erasues (center planet and furtest from the sun but located at a perfect angle to work as the center planet)

Nogolt (second closest to the sun)


Aracnoss do not wear cloths, armor or anything EVER (suggesting or even giving anything that can be seen as an clothing or accessory is considered one of the largest insults possible and punishble by death, this implies most for females due to their bare breasts, which look exactly like normal breasts (through grayish in color (regardless of other body fur colors))


Aracnoss are preditors, meaning they only eat meat.


Aracnoss these days dont really use tech, instead they make all their live needs and pleasures from their own webbing, high in the trees and/or low on the ground webbing roads, webbing tubes between planets, webbing settlements where everything is made from webbing, homes, breeding spots, everything!

However during the times they had military systems they did create tech which they also made by using their webbing and mixing it with magiwaves and if possible stolen tech, this created various systems, more then one would expect is possible from webbing.

while they dont have any tech now, they have passed down the knowledge for this in various means (training, spoken word and writen/ drawn words and even some secret tech using the morse code webbing with a recording) and can create the tech in seconds to hours (depending on the complexity, a spaceship would take hours for example).


All of the Aracnoss abilities are spider, survival or poison based.


All AracnossEdit

can stick to any type of surface and create webbing.

All Aracnoss create a paralysis poison from their tong.

All Aracnoss do not breath, can withstand the pressure of space and can live if their base is cut off (through they cannot eat big food anymore, move, breed or create webbing if they lose their base)

All Aracnoss can see in the dark.


have spikes in their lower arms that can act like a saw sword

have a higher speed then males

have stronger senses


have spikes at the tips of their 4 forearms which is laced with paralysis poison for a powerful pincer attack that allows for easy capture of their pray

have more potent paralysis poison in their fangs

have a strong armor on their centipede like second base backside

are physically stronger


Aracnoss dont use magic currently but can infuse magic through an secret technique in their webbing for creating their tech


All AracnossEdit

can spit the poison their tong makes by a special gland in their tong.

Female AracnossEdit

can spit out their webbing from their mouth to capture pray at a distance.


Aracnoss have a long line of history.

at first they were known as Aranar, a large spider race which looked a lot like their children, this was the animal stage of the Aracnoss and its sister race.

As time passed the Aranar evolved into 3 stages;

-smaller spider like creatures who kept their animal minds.

-smallest spiders that became known as the Aracnia.

-Giagantic spiders known as the Aracnoss.

at first the 3 lived together peacefully, however things began going wrong after about 600 years as the Aracnia made a new evolution step where they became the paracite type spiders they are now, beginning with taking over the animals of the planet, leaving no food left for the Aracnoss, and soon began attacking their own sister race as well.

this began the first war and resulted in the Aracnoss having to leave their own homeworld and letting the Aracnia stir in the mess they created themself.

After a few years of traveling through space they reached a new planet that they could live in.

This planet was filled with more poisoness creatures and animals which at first did not seem to effect the Aracnoss, however after a few generations the children began to be born sick and too often dead.

It took them 20 years to get a new spaceship done to leave the planet and only a small amount was able to escape the planet, leaving a large amount that was deemed to sick to survive behind.

However after they left a pregnant and deadly sick female began giving birth and while the mother was dying, she gave birth to an entire group of 12 children, all healthy, however they also looked differently, having a yellow color and already possessing 2 pincer like claw hands, these children became the child race Racurren.

The few survivors were doomed to roam through space for 180 years, lacking the resources to control the ship, instead they focused on breeding like rabits, making as many generations as possible to prevent extinction and get healthy children again as soon as possible, clearing the bloodlines from the poisons.

Their roaming live ended when the ship was caught in Mirian's gravity and crashed on the jungle planet.

from here on they were able to rebuild their race and even began making the first tube between planets.

however once the tube was done, it was shortly after destroyed by an other ship.

it was now that the Aracnoss learned of their child race existance as they came to take reange for leaving their ancestors to their deaths.

During this war another ship crash which ended up having the Aracnia piloting it, bringing the 3 family members together and created a war the size that either side had never seen before, especially for the Aracnia who already had assualted various planets already by now.

the war took generations and ended when Racurren and Aracnia had to join together and slay the Aracnia in thier mids and afterwards lacked the energy to continue fighting each other.

the two split their paths, feeling anger between them but never starting a newer war ever again, leaving the Aracnoss to start rebuilding to their current stage.

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