Class Humanoid mammal
Average height 6’6
Average weight 150 lbs
Color Grey skin
Features Skinny, bald, black eyes
Lifespan 1000 years
Alliance None
Home world Anolia
Sectors 39
Population rank Extinct (current), I (before the Chutorck Invasion)
Allies Borr, Mon Kett, Krunklings
Enemies Chutorck

The Anolians were an ancient, now extinct race. Despite not being around anymore, their influence on the galaxy is still significant. They’re known for accelerating the technological progress of many races, setting up Anolo as a galaxy-wide language and for narrowly saving Andreemea from a Chutorck invasion, creating the Krunklings in the process.


The Anolians were a tall and skinny humanoid race, standing at 6’6 but weighing only 150 lbs. Their skin was light grey. They had four fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot. Their eyes were big and completely black, their nose flattened, their mouth small and lipless. They had minor gender differences similar to humans, but both genders were completely bald.

They could live up to a thousand years, showing no signs of aging until well into their 900’s. They mated like humans, but had a low libido and low fertility, leading to low birth rates and a small population.


Anolians were physically weak but highly intelligent, and had above-average magical abilities, particularly psychic ones.

They were a highly advanced race, even by current day standards. Despite having practically no military, they showed to be able to create incredibly advanced and powerful military technology during the Chutorck Invasion. The few pieces of Anolian technology that weren’t destroyed by the desolation of Anolia are now considered valuable artefacts, as even current-day scientists haven’t managed to fully replicate them.

History (Canon-1)Edit

They originated from the planet Anolia in sector 39 and achieved advanced technology well ahead of most other races. Their culture was a highly benevolent one that held knowledge and science in high regard. Due to their incredibly low population, they did little in the way of colonizing other planets. Instead, during much of their reign, they travelled the galaxy to spread knowledge to the younger, less technologically advanced races, in order to better Andreemea as a whole. Many races wouldn’t have achieved spacefaring technology nearly as early as they did if not for the Anolians. This is also why Anolo became so widely used throughout the entire galaxy.

When the Chutorck invaded Andreemea, they and their closest allies were the first and last line of defence against them. During the ensuing war known as the Chutorck Invasion, they eventually sacrificed their entire planet for the greater good, resulting in the extinction of their species.

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