Alexis Zeke
Alexis Zeke
Species Glaizart (Genetic line: Limitless theme)
Gender Male
Height 5'5
Weight 130 lbs
Traits Blue skin, blond hair, narrow chest
Birth 6535 TI, Fable
Age 19
Affiliations None
Occupation Fugitive

Alexis Zeke is a Glaizart who joins the Exeralune's crew as an attempt to escape his father's grasp.


Blue skin, long blond hair in a ponytail, red eyes, small chest width (marking him as a agile Glaizart).


He is an very outgoing, fun loving, fearless and rebellious person, yet also very intelligent, running away from his home planet to go out for adventures and exploring the universe, but even so he is honest and never turns his back to those around him.


He is fearless, has the rarest and most likely strongest theme a genetic Glaizart can have, having vary few special skills but able to give his aura any shape he can think off, he also has 'stolen' his family's keep sake, one of the strongest glaizart only military weapons.


due to his recklessness and fearlessness he often comes into problems and he may have one of the rarest and powerful version of the glaizart ability's, he is untrained and has a long way to go before he can control it correctly and even longer to master it, same go's for the sword, he has not learned how to use it yet.


Alexis is part of the Genetic bloodline, meaning he can manipulate his aura in a fixed theme, however Alexis has the rarest and most powerful known theme a Genetic can have, the limitless theme where he has no fixed template and is able to manipulate his entire aura much as the Limiter bloodline but can use the Genetic unique traits such as full body Aura manipulation and special moves, through Akexis seems to have no real special moves but this can be due to lack of training and learning to master his abilitie.

being a agile Glaizart, he is swift and, well agile.

He has had sword training and survival training at least.



the legendary sword Katirana

Katirana(a legendary/ family relic sword looking like a katana but with some changes as a unique tip (stopping halfway of the blade and having a support giving it a slight triangle shape), 2 open area's on the back of the sword and in front of these 2 red ruby like gems, the rend of the handle has a picture of a dragon on one side and a phoenix on the other side pressed in it)

this weapon has in the hands of a Glaizart a lot of special skills (through not all Glaizart's can handle the weapon, only a select few as his family): a whip like extension of the blade, a cutting shock wave that he can create by scraping the blade past the ground, a whirlwind able to deflect bullets (if used on time), jumping and spinning will create a cutting circle allowing higher jumping while attacking, as if mastered the weapon there might be more skills currently not known or user only*, but also an increased version of the cutting circle an orb of cutting powers that might even be able to move on the ground.

(* it has been recorded that there were users that could do skills using the sword based on there own powers, as one that was themed with blades could stab the sword in the ground and aura shaped versions of the sword would pop up from the ground all over the place, gave this as an example)


he always was a smart kid and on an early age was found to have one of the rarest of themes a genetic can have. soon his father, a high ranking man in the military started training him on the age of 6, wanting him to join the military as well with his skills. however this way of raising made Alexis feel distant from his parents, he started to hate the Glaizart military and became a rebellious boy. the training did had one spark of interest for him through, the story's about space and other races. so when an unknown ship of an unknown race was docked for buying glaizart goods, he went to his home, stole the family treasure, what also is a treasure for the entire race, so basically he stole from the entire planet at least, and sneak on board so sneak out during a routine check on the ship on the IGCP planet where this story starts.

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