The Airios (both pronounced as Ai-ros or Ar-ios) are a humanoid bird race without wings or tail feathers, they are skilled hunters and fighters and possess powers fitting a rather powerful mythical race, though of course different in a way.

Each family possess an elemental connection.

Appearance and biology:Edit

Imagine a human with feathers, a birds head in all kind of styles and bird legs with claws as lower arms and legs, forget the wings and tail feathers, then you got the Airios.

their bones possess a similar density as ivory but are hollow, making them sturdy and light at the same time, their claws have 4 fingers (one is the thumb), while they possess real bird based feet.

They are agile and can be fast but also possess a good physical strength, fitting of profesional athelets in each individual department.

Birth and aging:Edit

The Airios are a rare race.

They age same as humans, but when they die, killed or natural, they "burn" up in thier individual element and from the "ashes" will be a small featherless infant, the childeren possess no knowledge from their past live and will be raised by their direct family members.

due to this they can not concieve childeren by mating, trough they can mate for pleasure.


The Airios see those that share the same element as family trough it is unknown if they truly are related due to their reborn ability.

They have been known for being fierce hunters and skilled fighters, especially with weapons like spears.

They keep a list of each member's reborn's, this is done by naming the reborn child the same name as its past live and stamping the date of the reborn.

Religion and Military:Edit

They have based their entire military on arial combat, logical since all their citys are in high places and otherwise impossible to reach, for ground combat and semi-air they rely on their soldiers using weapons and their element, for pure air battles, even against ships from other races, they use their phoenix shape.  


The Airios main langauge is similar to the earth latin but different in its own way.

but they can also communicate trough bird sounds and songs.


Currently there is nothing special to say about Airios tech, this can and likely will change once I get to work on this more.

All that is known is that their weapons are elemental resistent and their citys are build to remain as work perfectly in high places, ignoring wind issues and such.


they live on the planet Sylph in the inner most corner of sector 9


Being birds they eat seeds, bugs and fishes.


Airios wear hard but very light materials acting like armor, these are made from a wood that can only be found on Sylph, these are always decorated with various patterns and markings, the decorations are made by various means such as plant based paint.


Aside that they are very atlethic in nature their true power comes from their elemental connection.



They can encase their body to a degree with their element, always this results in wings and a tail, but can also encase other parts like the arms, trough this depends on the individual.

with this they can add their element to their melee and weapon attacks and fly, however they can use this state for a limited time as its draining and actually uses magiwaves on its original setting, putting stress on the body.


though they used to possess the ability to use magiwaves, as that ability fused in an evolution manner they have lost the ability to use magiwaves now.


Airios can be reborn when they die, no matter the cause, trough they will lose their personality and memorys from that time, becoming a new individual.

They can transform into a real bird like creature by encase themself in a manner that it would become something like a fireball where they would break out off.

the bird's color depends on the element and all have a long neck, their wings are made from the element, same as with the tail, from their it depends on the element in fact, in this shape they can breath their element and increase their speed to that of high class fighter jets BUT with more agility as shoot "embers" of their element trough their wings.

each wound given while in this shape will recover by their element right away but cutting trough the neck or a clear shot to either the brain or heart will kill the bird and force an reborn.

this shape is useable for a limited time but after it is broken can be taken on right away if the user still has the energy for it.

The Elements they possess and the Phoenix color/ attack options:Edit

-Fire: red, firebreath and embers from the wings

-Magma (only 2 members): Crimson, lava spitting and shooting lava balls from the wings

-water: blue, waterspitting and shooting water arrows from the wings

-Ice: teal, icebreath and shooting iceshards from the wings

-Lightning: yellow, lightningbreath and blasting an electromagnetic wave from the wings

-Earth (only 10 members): brown, no breath attack but extreem defence and shooting rock spikes from the wings.

-plant: green, no breath attack but able to grow and control vines and give them thorns, and scattering seeds from the wings that grow in tree's at a rapid rate.

-light (only 5 members): white, concentrated lazer and able to fire a mass amount of weaker beams of light from the wings.

-poison (only 3 members): purple, acid spit and able to release a cloud of heavy poison from the wings.

-Metal (only 7 members): gray, no breath attack but increased defence and able to slash trough weaker matter then steel, able to shoot metal blades from the wings.

-Gold (only 1 member): gold, no breath attack but able to grow and manipulate gems, crystals and minerals like gold and silver, able to shoot all of the above mentioned materials from the wings. (being the only member of its kind, he/ she is refered as the leader of the entire race and is raised by any other that can reach the infant.


Airios history starts with a age similar to the dinosaur time.

imaging if the dinosaurs never died out, kept roaming the world for more millions of years before the next clear steps of evolution started to show.

how 75% started to grow feathers instead of scales and become a mix between primate+bird+reptile.

the other 25% remained reptilian trough smaller in most cases.

Then from the 75%, 65% would become birds of every type and race, those known to man and those only found in sci-fi and fantasy worlds.

The remaining 10% however started to get thinner in build and stand on its 2 hind legs, their front legs becoming arms with claws able to grab things.

this is the birth of the Aviarus Sapien.

but this was not the end of their evolution, soon after they started to learn how to control magiwaves in elemental attributes, often to increase their fighting abilities, and as time passed this ability become infused with their DNA, taking the need of magiwaves away and turn it to their natural ability.

becoming the Aviarus Phoenistic  

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