The Ainant (pronounced as Ein-Nan-t) are one of the oldest races and have been acting for the gods for a long time, setting the scales for evolution across the galaxy, giving birth to races such as the Lizzay and the Evolf  and many more.

Appearance and BiologyEdit

Ainant's are humanoid but with dragon like features such as wings, spikes growing from their spine, bone based nails on their fingers and toe's, scales instead of skin (trough skin colored) and darker green scales covering the ears with small horns growing from the top and the lobe, pointing backwards.

They have color changing eyes with a aligator like pupil, the color depends on their mood, the base color differs from person to person (based on the blood line), but Yellow is the most comon color, when they get angy the eyes turn red, sad is blue, happy is green.

their bones are made from ivory and have aditional soccets where they can force a their skeleton into a more animalistic and feral position.

some even have tails and others grow a tail when taking on the "feral" state.

all teeth aside the ones between the corner fangs are carnoforic and the tong has two muscles, making it active as with us humans or as that of a snake.

The males are generally atlethic build, trough skinny ones also appear, never will you see a fat one (this also count for the females).

The Females also have an atlehtic build and can have a breast size between C and G, E being the most comon.

Both do not possess body hair.

Birth and AgingEdit

Ainant's are long living creatures, able to live between 200 to 800 years depending.

they develop trough their teens just as humans and from their on their aging process slows down considertly.

Once they reach old age the only sign is the duller base eye color and gray hair, at a very old age they also gain some wrinkles, but beyond this they never show their age.

only those that reach the very old ages such as 700+ will start having issues with their physical traits, any age before will remain their young live physiologie when active.

Ainants mate like any other race, trough that the males have far above avarage members when comparing to the human race, the Females dont seem to have any problem with it, able to accept very large objects.

Pregnancy lasts for 9 months from where the Females lay egg's, these eggs will then hatch in around a week time as the Ainants actually carry their fertalized eggs inside their bodys rather then out (as birds), only to give birth to the egg in order for it to hatch savely.

There have been cases where the egg hatched still inside the mothers womb, from there a normal birth is necesery but also contain risks due to the spikes and wings of the unborn (being born with broken and forever misformed wings and or slashing his/ her mother open with the spikes, an situation that has led to the mother dying before)

The childeren can and will eat normal food right from birth, but the mother still develops breats milk, the reason is unknown as the teeth of the child make it impossible to breast feed the child.


Ainant are currently a secluded and advanged race

They believe themself to be the childeren of the gods and have often been manipulated by the gods to do their bidding.

They are an advange race, trough its hard to see this when looking at the over world, appearing mideval.

Their true citys are however underground and not for the eyes of others.

Being a smart race it was easy for them to realize that their unlogical acts and needs to meddle with other worlds evolution was not because of their own acts and soon found out that there was an other source making them act as they have done so many times.

This caused them to build up their religion.

Their culture has been made around the religion but also around what they belive to be the birth givers of their race, the Dragons!

These days however they are a secluded race, sheltering themselfs from other races.

This started when the Earthling entered Andreemea, bringing the banished goddess with them.

For some unknown reason the gods, from that day on, stopped giving commands to the Ainants.

The Ainants, having always led their lives based on the god's will had no idea why the gods suddenly stopped giving them orders and so decided to enter a phase of standby, remaining on their planet, hiding out in the little corner of the galaxy on their system and dissapearing of the grid to the point that it wont be surprising if no one even knows they exist anymore!


Ainant are a religious race.

They are most likely the closest to the truth of who the gods are but with one mistake.

They believe that the gods are more like dragons and that would be the reason that they themself were born out of the dragons.

They have always worshipped the dragons on their planet and the gods, seeing the true and natural born dragons as their holy ancestors.


It would be a death sentence to think you can mess with them, having used their genetic enginering to the max they currently got in order to breed new 'fake' dragons as living space ships, fitting them with different causes to use them as.

also having the ability to move around and breath in space for a short while, magiwaves weapons, a ship that can actually think on its own for self protection and counter attacking and can even get angry (what is a huge problem if you make a dragonship angry) and then the Ainants natural abilities make them a force to be recond with.

Due to their old existence and genetic memory they have passed down a lot of experiences and such, making them powerful fighters.

They currently are all on standby around their own planets space zone, with non can enter their space without premission or they will get hunted and destroyed by the first dragonships that can get their fangs on them, not asking questions but purely guarding the homeworld.

If a ship gets too close but slowly, they might get a warning trough.

It can be guessed that the Ainant are perhaps and most likely the strongest single force, no allied military strength that is not meant to be an enemy.


Trough they normally speak in grunts, raors and other sounds.

They can speak any other langauge, this is likely due to the influence of the gods on their lives.


Ainant live in a corner of the galaxy in section 35, on the planet most in its outer corner yet have at least 3 suns (on different distances to give them a nice amount of warmth but no night time).

This hidden away planet is called Auro .  


Ainant tech will be centered around genetic modification and such.

see also: List of Ainant Tech and the special section of their abilities.


Ainants have a couple of natural born abilities.


To begin with, they, from the day they are born, can have 1 of 3 possible healing abilities: rapid wound recovery (fast healing), celluar reconstruction (regrow limbs), Perfect imunaty to sickness or toxins.

Futher they have a well devolped set of senses and physical traits, reaching beyond that of mere humans but still being just as differse as with humans, some are fast, some are strong, some are balanced.


Ainants know of the existence of magiwaves, but they have never taken the time to make spells.

Instead they craft weapons and armors and such that uses the magiwaves as a power source instead.

These objects need to get examined regually as using the magiwaves will slowly but surely exhasut the materials, breaking the weapons and such after a couple of uses.

The Aintants elemental traits are natural born and do not use magiwaves, trough it is similar enough that an effect on magic, such as increasing magic powers or blocking them completely will effect the Ainants elemental powers, but where after some huge spells or other effect might be able to drain an area of magiwaves for a long time, making it impossible for spell users to cast anything, this will not effect the Ainants elemental powers strangely enough.


Each is born with 2 elemental afflictions, these can be: Fire, Water, Ice, Magma, Earth, Plant, Light, Dark, Magnetic, Toxic and Pure energy.

These are not magiwaves but a more natural born element thanks to their dragon blood.

Normally they can use the elements in any way they want to learn it, but if they take on the feral stance, they will lose the fine control and end up able to only breath the element, much like a normal dragon.

This however increase the strength of the element used as that it increases speed and agility quite a lot, however not many are able to take on this stance and lose themself in the feral frenzy.

The most interesting natural trait is that they are able to use the parental memory in order to teach the childeren the skills of genetic enginering from birth.

This skill has proven usefull as they are now able to "breed" a new type of dragon that can act as a living spaceship, make a drug that allows Ainants to temporarlly "breath in space" (for during fights and enter missions), and off course their old jobs given by the gods themself.

Also they use this skill to give over an other type of enginering knowledge, able to craft different types of weapons that use magiwaves as power.

(See also: Ainant magiwave weapons )


The Ainant have never kept their own history records, due to this there is not much known.

But they believe to be made in the likeness of the gods themself and then made to be born from the Dragons that used to rule their planet.

The dragons are still being seen as holy creatures to this day.

They have however mastered genetic enginering and used this to do the gods bidding such as go to planets across the galaxy and "help" evolution, creating races such as the Lizzay .

It is Ironic that one of the oldest races, perhaps the oldest one in this galaxy, has no record of its history.

Ainant's do not know or accept this but are actually evolved from an animal called Drayz

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