He's the captain of a ship called the Exeralune, operating under the code name "Hidden Eagle".

Personality Edit

He appears to be carefree, not letting anything get to him. Even if someone is punching him in the face he would still maintain a pleasant demeanor and try to calm them down. He likes to avoid conflict if at all possible, giving everyone a second chance, but he also won't sit by passively while someone needs his help, so is willing to use a minimal amount of force to achieve the most desirable outcome. People take him as a major pushover when you first meet him but he's very stern in doing what he feels is right, only backing down if a valid argument can be made against him, not through intimidation. He values the point of view of others around him to form the best course of action for everyone involved.

Appearance Edit

His appearance is unknown because he's completely covered in clothing. You can tell that he's a slender humanoid who stands in at around 6 feet tall.

Abilities Edit

He's a great judge of character, his first impression of people usually the right one. He can think fast on his feet in a wide variety of situations. His fighting style is defensive, exploiting any flaws in his opponent's technique and using their own force against them. He can use hand-to-hand combat with a high level of skill, although how well remains to be seen, as are his exact capabilities in other areas of combat.

Equipment Edit

Uniform Edit

He wears a very dark blue sleek uniform that almost looks black. It most resembles a less pointy version of this without the large collar on the cape and the helmet looks smoother as well. He has separate boots from his pants, although due to them being the same shade you might not notice it. His shirt and pants are made out of high grade medium DefenseWeave fibers. The shirt is like a plain wrinkleless vest that has fancy gold buttons running down the middle. He has no fancy cloth around his neck; the collar of his vest covers his neck instead sort of like a turtleneck. His cape doesn't cover the front of his uniform, attaching to his uniform around his neck and shoulders. On his left chest is the insignia for a navy captain but no other awards are pinned below it, as would be expected for someone who had achieved his rank.

He has no other visible equipment on his person.

Biography Edit

His history is a mystery.

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