"The crew that had been sent to meet him was dressed in nothing he could identify as a uniform. The only thing he could tell that they held in common was the fairy, floating next to them. All shades and colors." - Meeting an Aeva crew

The Aeva are a race of fairy-like energy beings that form bonds with sentient individuals to ensure their own survival. These bonds are High Magic in nature, and are made stronger with emotional ties. Though weak on their own, with a bonded partner, Aeva - and in turn their partners - are capable of considerable feats. Their power grows as the bonded individual grows on a personal level.

Appearance Edit

They are shaped as small humanoid creatures with all variety of hair shapes. The fairies come in a variety of colors and shapes and flavors that reflect its bonded partner. They have wings, that may assume a color separate than its primary color, or be translucent. They also tend to glow, though it can be stifled. With the glow, other effects might be apparent, like sparkles or will o' wisps or visual distortion.

Magic Ability Edit

The Aeva collectively have the ability to wield a wide variety of magic. Each individual fairy is limited in power, but they have the ability to weave complex spells. A new Aeva will begin knowing only basic magics, but reborn Aeva may retain some spell knowledge. An Aeva, by meditating or reflecting on the bond shared with their partner, may discover a spell, or they can be instructed on new spells.

An Aeva is also capable of combination casting with other Aeva, and pooling magic power.

Aeva have an innate ability to communicate with each other over large distances. Range is dictated by magic ability, with a weak fairy being able to cover from 500 to 3,000 kilometers radius. An average fairy can cover anywhere from 250,000 to 50,000,000 kilometers. A strong fairy can cover anywhere from 50,000,000 to 10,000,000,000,000 kilometers (about a light year). Different fairies have different strengths, and communications range may or may not be one of them. Aeva can also form clusters to increase range.

Reproductive Cycle Edit

Aeva are born from a particular kind of crystal, infused with magic. These particular kinds of crystal will resonate with a certain state of mind or thought, and with enough of that kind of energy, an Aeva is born, bonded with the one that woke it. Mana crystals, a known name for these particular kinds of crystals, are grown where magic power is plentiful.

Culture Edit

The fairies do not seem to have much of their own culture, living mostly in whatever culture they find themselves in. Societies that have a high rate of Aeva bondage have very pleasant, clean, efficient cities and friendly people with ambition and good will.

Aeva will not voluntarily inflict lethal harm on another Aeva. This may lead to conflict between the bonded sentient (Faltis) and the fairy (Dulqua), and also embarrassing military situations. There have been cases where the Aeva pairs on one side of a conflict have volunteered themselves for death, for the greater good.

Technology Edit

Aevan space ships are clearly identifiable by their material and design. While most models are made of living wood and crystal, combat ships have been known to add living metal to the mix, as a primarily exterior element. Aevan ships attack by amplifying spells cast on board and expelling them through the living crystal of the ship.

The ship building process can be a great endeavor, requiring the efforts of many Aeva, depending on the size of the ship. For small cargo ships or long-range personal craft (the size of the Firefly, perhaps), a team of at least eight is required, and many days.

Aevan space-based shipyards are massive, crystalline bubbles. They have very powerful kinetic shields and meters thick crystal shell, with a large tree trunk visible in the center, with roots on top and bottom that make a large loop, one big doughnut shape. Leaves cover the top and bottom, each one a growing ship.

On their homeworlds, magitech abounds that is powered merely by their presence. Hard Light bridges and elevators, gleaming crystaline vehicles, holographic gaming consoles, what have you.

More to come!

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