A A-track is a land vehicle tank for the Glaizart , mostly used for surface prection on the planet but can be found on LHT if the cargo is important enough.

they look like a sci-fi type of tank having a steamlined build, still using tank tracks tires and are fitted with an large A-cannon , the tire tracks can also fold in allowing the tank to hover above the ground by a Glaizart aura energy, but this means 2 glaizarts are controlling the tank (one the main systems the other the hover ability) and is used mostly in LHT or water filled area's.

the tanks can be used by any race and by any individual that know's how to control a tank but only a glaizart can use the cannon and hover ability, meaning the main weapon is useless, trough the tank would still be a large heavy armored vehicle.

-a basic energy system drives the main systems.

-it can be used by one or two pilots

-they can move in almost any ground, trough some would need an Glaizart to activate the hover system

-they are normally only fitted with the A-cannon but can be seen having a simple automattic gatling gun on top

-they are slow, being a bit faster with the hover ability, but they are still rather slow.

-as any tank they have a powerful weapon and a very strong defense.

equipted with:

-basic energy system (from an other race)

-Generic Linier AI systems (set for mostly comminications with command as for helping the pilot if any psych issues comes up (like fear, lost in anger, emotional breakdown and so on)

-Impregnable metalizing armoring

-Aura hover tech



-possible automatic gatling gun (from other race)

List of Glaizart tech

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