A A-bike is a land vehicle motorbike for the Glaizart , mostly used for fast movement on any planet, but can be equipted with some small weapons if the need calls for it.

they look like japanse motorcycles (like a suzuki) but without the wheel's as they use the Aura Hover system as the only way of movements.

due to the engin system only a Glaizart can use these vehicles.

-Aura Hover system is the only engin type these vehicles can have.

-it can be used by one pilot

-they can move in almost any ground.

-most are civilain vehicles, but there are miliray versions

-they are fast and equal agile as any real motorbike.

equipted with:

-Generic Linier AI systems port (allow user to insert his/ her personal AI)

-Aura hover tech


-possible side turret systems (military only) (other rase tech)

List of Glaizart tech

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