(Unknown Race) Kari
Class Humanoid
Average height 1.80
Average weight 75
Color white
Features blue eyes, blue eyes with no pupil or eyewhite, red when angry
Lifespan double that of humans due to slow aging
GPI unknown, race is not existing.
Alliance none
Home world unknown
Sectors none
Population rank 1
Notable individuals Axel Zech
Allies none
Enemies various due to Axel's job.

Kari (both pronounced as Ka-rie or Ka-Arie) is originally not an official race, Having been made genetically by an unknown lost civilization and only given its name by the currently only member of the race in order to name his race.

Appearance and Biology:Edit

Kari Generally look pretty much like humans but with a few difference, they have a pure white skin, blue hair (for as far as currently known) and blue eyes that can turn red when agitated or angry., also the eyes lack any eye white and also show no pupil, making them fully blue colored.

A Kari has a very unique skin structure, that normally looks like any other skin structure but when looking close it seems to have a rather uneven yet still smooth build, slightly similar to pebbles, if ever examined under a microscope the skin would appear to be made from balls or something similar then plates you find when looking at humans skin.

Most interesting is the fact that a Kari has 3 hearts, two in the chest, one on the normal left, one mirroring the normal heart location on the left and a 3e smaller yet equal powerful heart hidden somewhere between the skull and neck.  Each heart can work separately, meaning that killing one heart, would not end the persons live, even with just the 3e hidden one left the Kari would be equally healthy as with all 3 of them, the 3e heart also serves to keep the person alive even when beheaded, this way a good surgeon could theoretically reattached the persons head as long as the head still has enough nutrients left in his(her) blood to live without food or water till the operation.

Due to the fact that currently there is only 1 male in existence, there is not knowledge about the differences between male and female build.

Birth and agingEdit

As far as known it seems a Kari age’s slower then a human, Appearing to be halve as fast, making a Kari of age 34 appear as a human of age 17.

As far as known A male Kari can breed just as humans and most other races can, through normal sex, currently as there has not been any sexual activity in the currently only member, there is nothing known about their genetic build for child conceiving (Trough I already have an idea)

Even less is known of Female child bearing due to above stated reasons.

Only (not)known detail (that can be found on a classified file on the Lost station where the Kari was made) is that due to changing a person of their own race into a completely unique race meant that the DNA needs to be truly dominant, meaning that all children born from a Kari would be Kari’s as well (unless a race with similar level genetic engineering is found and mated with, causing different theories as to what might be the result (such as basically twins, one of each, random race DNA setting for each child, A mixture between both genetic mutations, one theory even would state that 3 children might be born, a mix between, a Kari and the other parent race)


Due to the fact that the Kari was made long ago, there is no real culture, especially as the mutation has cleared away all memories of the old live and culture.

Due to the abilities the currently only member is living as an Assassin, making that the closest thing to a culture.

Being the only member of the race, there is no Military or Religion nor a homeworld/ location.


Kari seem to understand any language and other hearing a Kari speak will understand the person in their own language, this includes reading texts.


Kari currently do not possess any tech of them self.

They do understand nearly of not all technological matters of other races so you could say they would end up taking in other tech.

though in a way you could also say that the Lost station and the Grim Hunter are part of the Kari's unique tech as its not really belonging or fitting any other race.



A Kari’s main power is a extremely powerful healing ability, strong enough to not even leave a scar and able to regrow limbs with ease.  The only weakness it when a heart gets stabbed, the shock will temporally stop the body from living, the wounds will not heal and after a while, when the person wakes up, the wounds will start to heal on a much slower pace, this will also have a risk of leaving scars and the lost heart will never recover.

other abilities both come from the skin:

A Kari can turn their skin into a very black color, dark enough that in dark spots and shadows you cant see the person anymore, only their eyes will show, if they have their eyes open, giving a ghost like feel.

The second ability is a power that awakens by pure chance and falls under a special ability category; In certain situations a Kari might get a different ability by pure luck (or bad luck) based on the situation. For example, if hit by a bullet the skin might undergo this mutation where the skin starts to absorb bullets, leaving the person immune to projectiles, the absorbed mass gets changed into stamina.

This ability however has different shapes and traits:

The power can be a one time thing, a permanent ability or for a limited time only.

The power can (but not always) also include downsides such as shortening a persons live, weaken or destroy the persons healing ability, starts dissolving the persons skin and many more options, these are not even effected by the type of effect, a person can be protected from a bullet for one time only but from there on out get a permanent weakness, but a weakness can also be a one time or limited time only effect.

Kari’s have a strong sense of hearing, the level depends on the individual (for when more might be born)


It is currently unknown if a Kari can learn magic, but seeing the weapon the current living member uses it can be assumed that they can learn magic with possible ease.


The currently only member of this race also has a huge natural knowledge about technology that seems to evolve if he finds something new (probably due to the fact that the ones that made him were beyond anything ever seen)  This also counts for fighting instincts.

This results that even if his memory would get lost again he would still be able to remember all that by nature.

It it unknown if this is part of the genetic mutation or something else imbedded into him (so it is unknown if it’s a genetic ability and thus hereditary or only for him)


Nothing is known.

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